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Thread: I want a nap-time and a bedtime

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    Default I want a nap-time and a bedtime

    As a college student, sleep is a rare thing. I miss my parents sending me off at 8:00 when I was little. There was just a be all end all deadline for sleep. Yeah I'd complain, but hey now I miss it.

    Does anybody here wish there caretaker would put them down for bed and nap-time everyday and tuck them in like a real little kid? Or alternatively, what is your bedtime baby fantasy?

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    I have a bedtime set for me at the moment! My little side really likes it but it can be really frustrating when I'm feeling grown-up and don't want to go to bed. It is good for helping to keep a regular sleep pattern though.

    I've also been tucked in under my Thomas duvet. That is something I can fully recommend - it's awesome.

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    I go to sleep at around the same time every night, and I also take naps during the day usually because I'm tired from not enough sleep. But I also wish I would be tucked into bed for a nap or sleeping at night.

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    I get a teensy bit of it, but want it fully implemented sooooooooo much! I need and love sleep, and the set times enforced by a caretaker would make me feel even more like a kid again! And the tuck ins have recently stopped (my mom gave them for a long time) but I want them back!

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    Charlie sometimes sends me for a nap.

    Especially when I'm hormonal and grumpy. It's cute! Although I can be a right nightmare to live with when I wake up as well.

    I think if I had some sort of bedtime my life really would be a hell of a lot easier. For a few weeks there I was going to bed around 9pm because I was ill - and the added sleep just did wonders for me!

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    No, I like going to bed at 2am and getting up whenever and I hate naps as I can't really sleep when it is still light outside and not to mention that I'm not tired in the middle of the day and that horrible groggy feeling you get when you wake up after a nap. Bedtime and naps just aren't for me I'm afraid.

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    I have a terrible time with sleep... I just seem to fight the urge to go to bed and end up being awake/asleep at completely random hours. Just before I got made redundant I'd gone about a year getting no more than 4 or 5 hours sleep each night and it drove me nuts! I don't know how frustrated I'd be to begin with, but I'd love to have someone to put (and maybe even drag) me to bed. I think I need a loving caretaker to instil a bit of discipline in me!

    I'm not a fan of naps, though. Sleeping for less than 4 hours in one go makes me feel really groggy when I wake up.

    Sigh... When I was ill at uni once, one of my friends came round to tuck me in and kiss me goodnight... 'Twas lovely... She even lent me a stuffed animal toy to cuddle...

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