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    So I assumed myself DL, since i never had any AB feelings. But recently, I have been getting feelings like I want to be a little kid again. I for some reason want a pacifier, and even a bottle. I am even wanting a sleeper too.

    I starting to feel as if I have a little side. I'm, not really sure if I do, and if I do, I have no idea how to make him come out.


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    Indulge yourself. Experiment with your desires and see if they give you what you seek. Try doing things you liked as a child; watch your favorite kid movies and tv shows, play with toys, anything that will help change your state of mind from big to little.

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    Hey SandDeath. Yeah, I was in the same boat mostly. Always considered myself a DL, with some minor AB tendancies. But as time progressed I noticed a stronger desire to let my Little out. At the time, didn't even know I had one. :-O. As pacifiedbyknowledge said, experiment. Try a bunch of different things till you find what works for you. We all know our own comfort zones, but stepping out of it a little can let ya know your boundries. Jumping in can lead to the dreaded purge. Personally, I found a few of the regressive hypnosis files to be of some help when first trying to first regress. They may not be for everybody though. Hope I helped a little....pun intended. :-D

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    From what I've read this is actually pretty common. Quite a lot of people who start out as DLs eventually move more into the AB realm. This applies to me some degree too, but in my case I think it might be tied to my natural tendency to experiment
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    It seems to make sence to me that if diapers does it for you thats one thing, but ask yourself why diapers? what was the initial attraction to them anyway, before discovering any additional benefits. Surely its a deep yearning for a time past. if so then I'd reckon it's a 'little' issue.. something that it seems that eventually needs to be acknowledged. That pretty much makes it AB it's just a matter of how much of the babying you need to satisfy your needs. some people seem to get by with a bit of blankie in their pocket while others seem to have to go all Stanley 24/7. I think that once people accept this part of themselves, they need to just discover how much of it they need. Bottom line though, I'm convinced it's all inner child/baby.

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    Nothing to it but to do it, it sounds stupid and kind of obvious but rather than get into some sort of convoluted answer about psychology and the inner child I say just try some stuff and see if you like it or not. Get a pacifier, because they're so cheap it won't break the bank or anything, and use that or get a baby bottle or even just put on a Disney movie or something similar and curl up and see what happens. Just test the waters and see what happens and whether you like it or not and move on from there.

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    I find that two things really help me to get there where I essentially let my little self come out. First I have to create a safe environment where I am not going to be disturbed and where I feel emotionally safe. Second, I have to relax and really just give myself permission to be little for a while. For me this involves being diapered, then intense relaxation (the diapers help with this). Sometimes I will meditate but typically I will grab my binkie and some toys then once i am fully relaxed I play. For me this is my baby time, which is basically what I call it.

    It is not just play for me but curling up watching a juvenile movie or even cuddling with my plushie works as well.

    At one time I was sleeping in diapers every night and I would literally enter baby time as I was settling down. It was amazing because I literally slept like a baby.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Legion View Post
    .... We all know our own comfort zones, but stepping out of it a little can let ya know your boundries. ...
    That quote, that quite right there. Pretty damn deep

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