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Thread: Anybody order any girly clothes from

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    Default Anybody order any girly clothes from

    Just wondering if any of you have ever ordered from, and if so, how it went and how the clothes turned out.


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    I've been wondering the same! Plus, their clothes seem cute, but the stock images they use are too tiny. ><

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    I've wondered the same, especially where the shortalls were concerned and the training pants.

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    First time I have ever heard of this site but I looks pretty cool.

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    Thanks for sharing!!! I've never heard of this site but I really like the jammies!!

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    A lot of cute things but I think I'll pass.

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    I've had this site bookmarked for the longest time, but never saw anyone talk about it. Auntie has a twitter, though. I agree, the images are so small >.<

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    From what I could see of the website before its slow loading time on my iPod made me upset, the stuff on there seemed pretty adorable. I wouldn't mind snagging up one of those dresses sometime in the future. The person who ran it all seemed to be nice as well from what I could gather from her writing.

    Looks neat!

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