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Thread: What do you call them?

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    Default What do you call them?

    So I was just replying to Kodey's intro and something struck me. Most people here use the word Diapers when referring to their protection. Me I call it protection. What got me wondering was is there a difference in what we call our diapers/protection based on our likes, desires or needs for them?

    Me I am not an AB or a DL. I'm a bedwetter, been one my entire life. I never think of my Goodnites as diapers but in reality I guess they are. So as a bedwetter who(thankfully) is down to only peeing in the bed a few times a month now and who does not wear protection/diapers all the time (only when I am sleeping away from my place) I call my Goodnites either GoodNites or my protection.

    So what do you call yours, diapers, protection, something else. And what you call them is there any reason why you use that term over other words?

    I might be the only one thinking like this so sorry if this makes no sense at all.

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    I have always called them diapers, because in my mind the word "protection" refers to something like an immune system or physical protection like armor. Alternatively, "briefs" in my mind sound more like hanes or fruit of the loom underwear.

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    I like the term "padding". It sounds cuter to me. xD

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    I call them my "zippity dang what's that thang go go toilet cushy wear"

    When I'm really talking about them I usually say Padding or diaper.

    Also: Pee-pant trousers
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    I call them diapers,diapies that's what they are.

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    I call them diapers on the forum (as it's the most recognised word for it globally), padding when talking with friends who are in-the-know and nappies when I'm in real life little mode.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    Diapers. That is what they are called.
    Same here, "Diapers." As Calico said, that's what they are.

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    My wife and I call them "secret weapons" as a code name. My step brothers used to call them "juice pants" when I was in my twenties and they were in their teens and aware that I wore.

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