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Thread: Older Boy Toys

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    Default Older Boy Toys

    I wondered what everyone's toy interests are? The new line of teenage mutant ninja turtle action figures are out and they look really fun! They are as low as $7.77 at Wmart. (Anyone notice I seem to always know what the current prices are? ooooo lol)

    I also like Hot Wheels, they are as low as $1.00 or less a car.

    There is some sort of robot rescue thing? You can get the action figure and a bonus dvd which I am sure is animated showing the robots in action. I LOVE when they make an animation to go along with the toy.... I bought a hot wheels toy years ago that came like that.

    I like legos... but... they cost too much.

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    This is a topic close to my heart and that constantly empties my wallet.

    For me it's Transformers, Batman, and the occasional other toys such as Lego. I actually bought my first Hot Wheels in a long time today, they were vehicles from the latest Batman movie. I've seen the new TMNT toys and they actually look good.

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    Yay for the new teenage mutant ninja turtles. Those toys are are so cool looking!

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    Lego are the greatest I would spend hours working on a project. I made ships robots and huge forts. (I had a lot at one point)The old power ranger zords are a something I'm still looking for. They were the coolest toys to play with.

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    Legos are the only toy for me. Growing up I don't think I played with anything besides legos. I still have some here.

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    Default Tmnt

    To open and have epic battles..... or not to open....


    is the question!

    I decided to create a group for TMNT also.

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    Well I'm not into TMNT but I really like Teen Titans especially Robin!

    I still have a lego that I buy secretly.

    I still collects Hot Wheels since they are also a collectibles my parents didn't mind for me to buy it.

    Oh and also Plastic Models yes they are not exactly kids toys this time. But I'm huge fan of it. I have my personal Air Force Museum although I still want so many planes.

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    I still have all my Matchbox and HotWheels from when I was young. :P I used to love playing with them. Lego and K'NEX were also two of my favourite toys. I have built the most awesomely realistic K'NEX vehicle ever. It has RHD steering, a flat-four engine, four wheel drive, a station wagon body... Hmm, what's this sounding like? :P

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    I always enjoyed construction sets. At elementary school age I had an American Plastic Bricks Set, Kenner Girder & Panel and Hydro Dynamic Building Sets, and the ever popular Gilbert Erector Set with electric motor. I've seen the K'Nex sets at Toys R Us before and really liked what you could build with one. K'Nex would definitely be a favorite building toy with me today.


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    I have dozens on ben 10 toys, mostly original but also alien force. Not only toys but I have a blanket, backpack, lunch box, wallet, watch, socks, and everything else ben 10 that I can find. I also have several wall-e toys and phineas and ferb toys also. I was never really into legos, and hotwheels were something I kinda liked for a little while, but after I saw my cousin's box of at least 300 hotwheels I knew right away that I did not want anything to do with them. My favorite toys as a kid and still to this day are action figures and play sets. I really loved my knights and castles sets from when I was little (I should look into buying a vintage one of those or at least a modern equivalent). I also used to have a big bionicle collection but I mostly liked them because they were characters rather than being purely for construction purposes. The only construction toys I liked were linkin logs.

    I don't really see the appeal of pure baby toys. Toys for older kids are awesome and I can still play with them for hours.

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