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Thread: The right pick?

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    Default The right pick?

    So, what is the most absorbent, thick diaper out there?

    I am looking to find one that is absorbent, nice and thick, and cost isn't much of an issue.

    I could keep getting something available in shops around me, but for how much I actually use, buying them from the internet seems so much more enticing...especially with all the different brands I've not seen before....

    So, which one do I look for to match the absorbing power with diapery thickness?

    The diapers would be used for both intended purposes, and sometimes for some extended wear.

    I live in Atlantic Canada, so I would prefer to shop with somewheres in Candada/US to keep shipping down, but if the best is somewhere else, not a worry...


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    The most asorbent diaper i have tried is Abena x-plus it is also the thickest.
    I've heard bambinos are close up there with Abena, but i dont know i havent tried them yet. Molicare super plus is also thick and asorbent

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    Well, I've tried Abena X-pluses and Dry 24/'s, both should be what you are looking for. I actually just wrote a pretty in depth review of the Dry 24/7 last night, the thread should be right on the first page of this forum if you want to see my thoughts on them.

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    Any of the X-Pluses. Secure, Abena, Bamino's, they are all about the same size. You just have to find which one you like.

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    Canada eh?

    I say go with the Abena X-plus... they're among the thickest and most absorbant... and they should be readily available at many online stores that ship within Canadia.

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    Thanks! **Opens the God of finding things "Google" to find a supplier in or near home.**

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