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Thread: USA Olympic Pampers Cruisers Diapers

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    Default USA Olympic Pampers Cruisers Diapers

    I had to do it...
    Went to the store today and there they were.
    Two last boxes of the USA Olympic Pampers Cruisers Diapers (Sized 5).
    I could of bought one for $25, But they had a deal if you bought two, you saved $5.
    So that's 72x2 making 144 count for $45. Did I make a good buy?
    I plan on storing them and in 10 years who knows what they may be worth.
    But I am tempted to open at least one box and take a couple out.
    What would you do. Keep them both sealed? or open one up?
    I want to Play with my Pampers!

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    Since you have two you can always open up one. I don't know if Pampers packages theirs like this, but a lot of companies have smaller sleeves of diapers inside the larger box, so you can also opt to open just one sleeve and leave the others alone. But honestly, most of the people I see selling ritzy diapers divvy up the package into units of two or three diapers, and they still seem to make a pretty decent profit off of them, so you still have options even with an open package.

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    Seems like a pretty good deal. The stores near me still have quite a few of these. If they'd been available in the larger sizes, I'd have picked some up. Pity that the fancy-print Pampers are only ever in the smaller (better-selling) sizes, but that's the nature of the business.

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    I would suggest saving them because chances are they will be worth a lot more in their "mint" condition if you do plan on selling both of them in the future.

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    Good video Pamperchu,
    Now I know what's in the box.
    And I want in them bad now.
    Do you plan on buying anymore, if you can find them?
    I saw there's a even bigger box of them with 140 count.
    And they have the same cute little blonde Girl on them.

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    They should have had an official adult diaper brand as well!

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    great video im a fan of your youtube but because of my diaper fet being a seceret i dont sub or like or comment but i just want you to know i like your vids

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