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Thread: Over weight sissy

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    Is it possible for an overweight person such as myself to pass as a girl? When I try to dress up with the makeup and the wig I do not look very girly to myself tho it did make my German Shepard start snarling at me until I told her it was me, then she settled down and wagged her tail. I don't have any women's clothes yet need another paycheck for that

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    With the right outfit and if you have someone help you with your makeup it is very possible

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    Being plump has its advantages, it softens your face, and adds curves, and gives you a head start on boobies.
    With a little extra chest fluff, you can create really awesome cleavage.

    So don t think fat, think BIG IS BEAUTIFUL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mollycuddle View Post
    So don t think fat, think BIG IS BEAUTIFUL.
    I really like that!!! ~hugs~ Me i'm not "fat" but I am plum and It really does help rounding out my face, with long hair i'm very passable. Plus the boost to my breasts is nice i just with they where bigger then my belly!!!!

    But yeah I don't think it could have been said better then Molly ~hugs~

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    Maybe you could try wearing some shapewear to give yourself a more womanly, hourglass figure? I think girls with full figures look awesome in corsets.

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    Shapewear helps even if you re skinny, spandex girdles and steel boned corsetry can really throw that weight around.

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    You can always lose weight if you think it's impeding your ability to do other things.

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    I believe that you should first try being comfortable in your current body. It might sound hard, but it really does take a lot of confidence to do that.(I'm a self-conscious teen and that has been a problem.)
    Yes, you can pass as a girl, but likely to a lesser degree. But if you have large protruding breasts right now, that might be a good thing. Shapewear and spandex are pretty good ways to make you appear slimmed-down.

    However, if weight loss is a reasonable option for you, then be careful not to do it too dramatically.
    Also, you should consider that muscle is about twice as dense as fat, so overweight does not necessarily mean fat.
    Find a goal and set a rate of loss, like about a few pounds a week and be sensible: do not do the "crash diet" where you don't eat any more than 1000 Calories. Do not do any miracle diets. Just eat wholesome and healthy foods, eat small portions more often, count calories, and exercise, too. (A mile of walking the streets takes about 100 Calories)
    Drink LOTS of water before meals to reduce your appetite.

    AND STAY CONSISTENT. It might be hard at first (trust me, I've tried), but if you are willing enough, you will be able to do it.

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