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    i am looking at ordering some abena m3 nappies and was wondering what the "comfort" range was? are they still a tape on style or pull up. im looking for convienient places to buy with descreet postage in australia.

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    im in aus too and i would not recommend abena because they have changed to the cloth covering which i find isnt that great. If you decide to go with those ones, the ones youw an to look for are the abena abri-form m3 (and it will the comfort range). if you are dead set on it then you can order from independence australia however, i have never had much luck with them shipping it discreetly and the abenas came in a box with abena written on the sides. The other thing you could look at is the wellness briefs which i quite like. They arent as thick as the abenas when dry but when wet they are about the same so the wellness briefs swell quite a bit. these ones are available from which (whilst not specifically discreet) have a box that is mostly discrete and doesnt mention anything about nappies, briefs or wellness briefs on the boxing.

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    As long as it's the old plastic ones, it's good, because some warehouses still have some. But the cloth ones are kinda lame.

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    Tenaslipboy, who are you ordering from ? Some companies still carry the plastic backed diapers, but also have the new cloth backed diapers. I ordered the latter by mistake recently, and there is no difference in the diaper quality, but I just missed the plastic-ness, so I was a little bummed at myself.

    When ordering, read the description of the diaper, making sure it says plastic backed. I ordered from Adult Diapers, Incontinence Supplies and Scales | NorthShore Care Supply

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    Thats all Abena by the way, when mentioning the plastic/cloth diaper ordering snafu.

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    I order them from they send in discreet packaging. Hope that helps you

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    Avoid the cloth back airplus rubbish but in Melbourne I get my plastic backed ones from:

    Wilcore Health
    1 Evandale Road Malvern VIC 3144
    (03) 9576 1161

    The plastic backed M3's will disappear overtime unfortunately but if you hurry you can still get some.

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    Sorry no idea what the Comfort range is, also I know Wilcore deliver but I think by his own van rather than post.

    If you do order the Abri-Form M3s plastic backed tape on style then I recommend you make sure you quote the Sanicare/Abena code for them SA4162N

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    Sorry just opened my SA4162N and of all the dirty tricks these now have the garbage cloth like backing. Definitely going to send mine back.

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    Hey, another Melbourne guy here!!

    I used to buy Abenas by the case though Independence Australia, but since they've gone cloth covered I've really gone off abenas. I've been trying a few different brands and so far liked:
    Tena slip maxi (but i am sure these are going cloth soon too)
    Depend super plus (these are totally different to the ones you buy in a pharmacy, and hold quite a bit. They have a cloth cover and taping panel, but are so far my favourite for cloth covered diapees)

    Also, if your near a NappyLand store they stock their own brand called Active Slip. The day ones are plastic backed and have a similar plastic to Bambinos. They don't hold a lot, but that can be fixed with a soaker in the nappy. Their reasonable at around $10 a pack too!

    Hope this helps

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