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Thread: Something I've noticed

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    Default Something I've noticed

    I am not in any way trying to insult anyone or be degrading, I am merely commenting/questioning on something I've observed.

    In my time on ADISC, I've noticed that many people (at least those who post) have certain problems going on in their life (depression, bullying, etc.), are transgendered/gay, or have non-high end jobs (according to posts in this thread, at least the pages I've read.)

    I'm wondering if there's a trend of people becoming AB/TB if there are such problems going on.

    I personally don't think that I have anything serious going on in my life (besides homework). I'm personally a DL and have no baby side (as far as I know 0.o).

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    Nope, I've been a DL as long as I can remember and I've had both good and bad years. My life is on an uptick now and hopefully will continue to improve.

    I believe what you are seeing here is people feeling free to express what they would otherwise have kept silent.

    In short this is an excellent place to seek support and guidance and folks take advantage of it.

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    Well, while I can't say I wasn't bullied extensively nor can I say I haven't had events in my life some might call traumatic, I can't exactly say that I have had a hard life. In fact, aside from dealing with an abnormal (to put it nicely) number of deaths over way to short of a period of time, being bullied from k-9, and finding out how screwed up even "average" families can be to each other (without going into details), I have had a really nice life, and i still am a tb.

    That said, I am right now looking objectively comparing my life to what I have heard of others on the site. One cannot truly know what another has felt like and been treated like without having been in that situation themselves. My dad always used to get angry at me when I cried in my elementary years, so I started keeping my emotions inside and sometimes don't even realize exactly how much harm was done because I beat myself up for even thinking that "whatever it was" hurt me. I have only recently started breaking past that emotional wall.

    It may seem like I rambled a bit, but it has a point: While I do not believe that hardship/depression/etc is a cause (I believe it is more of a trigger for those who repressed it), I also believe that most if not everybody here has experienced it even if they say they haven't. There are going to be exceptions, but a fair number of people in the world downplay such events/feelings in their own life because society has indirectly or directly made them feel guilty for even thinking they had it hard during any point in their lives.

    Hope that made sense haha.

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    mmm well, everybody has problems, everybody has issues. but that is just part of life.
    you have to make things work yourself, not wait until someone make it work for you.

    mmm something that i learn during my AB years and that we struggle too much for attention, so that could be an issue.

    but we are just people as everybody else. i dont think we are diferent that others.

    just my two cents!


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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackStar159 View Post

    In my time on ADISC, I've noticed that many people (at least those who post) have certain problems going on in their life (depression, bullying, etc.), are transgendered/gay, or have non-high end jobs (according to posts in this thread, at least the pages I've read.)
    I think that fetish communities in general have a higher proportion of LGBT members and we're no exception and also seeing as how this is the only AB/DL site that allows teen members it would make sense that a lot of people have low end jobs as they're either still a student or have only recently graduated so this skews the results. I don't think there is a trend between whether a person is LGBT or has having a blue collar job and being an AB/DL, it just happens to be this way and also seeing as how the majority of accounts registered here are either lurkers or inactive this also skews the results. If every member gave their sexual orientation and there job then we'd see different results to what we have.

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    Well to be honest I can see your points but every human beings in life has a problem of their own. It just nature things and I believe why you've seen so many people with problem is simply because they just want to share it. We're socializing beings and we like to tell people our problems so that we feels better or we found a solution. I mean depression can happen to everybody. In fact 3 months ago I'm feeling so depress but as the time gone it disappears. About Bullying to be honest it's happen to anybody(Including me even though I'm a fighter at my school I once get bullied).

    Well about Transgender and Gay it is quite interesting since I'm finally admit that I'm Gay. I think that is not a factor that someone become AB/DL. And yeah that is probably just your illusion since I see more straight members then gay one. About High-End Jobs. Well let's face it everybody have their dreams about their lives and yet some of it is quite difficult to achieve. And sometimes we have to face with reality that we don't have a high end jobs so like I said we love the share things so that we can feel more better and I believe that is the case.

    OK about your theories it probably based on AB/DLism as some kind of "Runaway" from all of problems in life. I personally believed that might not be the cased for some people. I mean I recognized my like of diaper when I'm 5 and my life is not that bad. So yes I think some of us did use AB/DL as their "Runaway" from life. But that doesn't mean if someone has a problem they then become AB/DLs. Since everybody has their "Runaway".

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    I tend to agree with pajamakitten, given the general demographic of posters here you are unlikely to get a large number of high level job types, as for a trend of people becoming AB/DL I'm not so sure this is a kink you'd actually choose, that seems just too weird...even though I indulge myself, I can't imagine choosing this. I guess I do have some personal struggles and maybe that's in part due to peculiar needs, but my main reason for visiting the site is not to purge my woes, but. more to feel as though I'm kinda connected....hey BTW guess who's on tv right now! Riley my strange addiction. Were all just trying to cope with who we are....aren't we?

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    The lowliness of our communal occupations are largely a product of our age demographics. A high percentage of people here are high school and college aged people. Many of us are only beginning to enter the job markets. As members of ABTBDLism advance in life into marriage and family circumstances, careers, lots of responsibilities etc. our free time to engage in ab related activities and our willingness to be concerned with message boards will diminish. Active members here tend to have the free time, the lifestyle freedom, and the interest to be able to spend so much time here.

    As for bullying and depression, I think ADISC is a place to be accepted and welcome even if we feel ostracized or in the closet in other parts of our lives. We get a sense of comfort from our troubles by being here and thus we spend more time here than abtbdls that have more active non-ab related lives. In many ways for example, this is one of my only social outlets and one of the only places that I feel like I can be myself. Thus I check this site at least once or twice a day (unlike facebook which I avoid checking because it makes me feel more depressed).

    LGBT and tends to be an open and accepting group therefore it tends to be more ok by LGBT to explore yourself and experiment with new ideas of lifestyle which results in my more of their numbers accepting inherent abtbdlism and coming in from outside.

    I don't think it is so much that troubled people are becoming infantilists (though I don't doubt some people got here that way) but that ADISC is a magnet for people with inherent and discovered desires that also have free time, a need to be accepted, and have few enough things going on elsewhere in life as to make it possible to regularly check a message board.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackStar159 View Post
    I'm wondering if there's a trend of people becoming AB/TB if there are such problems going on.
    I've only noticed that on here, not to be a dick but as much as I hate to say it, adisc posts are usually concentrated around negativity, just going by observation.

    But in any case, if this means that ABDLism is gonna become a religion, count me out XD

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    Very interesting. Since I'm relatively new and rarely pay attention to ages, I guess I've had an inflated sense of ages here.

    I guess one of the reasons I mentioned the job thing is that sometimes I'd think it'd be funny/weird if some of those famous/rich people are AB/DLs.

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