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    hey, i was wondering if there is a place somwhere that sells cloth diapers that are... frilly, pink, ect? I know i could always buy the girls version of goodnites or somthing like that but i want somthing that is reusable. well, when i can get my paws on em at least.

    Also, what kind of diapers do you guys use?

    thanks ^.^

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    I don't really explore my sissy side that much...I'll save that for when I have better access to things

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    I have a pink cloth diaper i got on ebay, it came from ciina and took weeks to arive. Its a cloth and velcro type deal, pink with a hello kitty type print on it. It pretty much sux to be honest, it fits well and is comfy but I find that plastic pants and cloth = leaks, especially around the waist in bed.
    But what the heck, it was cheap, I dont remember exactly what i paid, and its ok for when im out of bambinos and rilly want to wear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shane_man View Post
    perhaps this 2 sec google search would be better for you.
    A Sissy Kiss ~*~* For Sissy Baby Girls and Adult Baby Girls
    yes, but it has nothing im looking for. This is more of a site for poeple who want ideas, not actually buying the stuff.

    Quote Originally Posted by Valentine View Post
    Thanks ^.^ this helped. I wish i didnt have to rely on E-bay tho. never been all too fond of it.

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    You might contact the sellers, some of them do custom work that doesn't go through ebay.

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