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Thread: Is your AB/DLism related to your identity/personality?

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    Default Is your AB/DLism related to your identity/personality?

    I was having a conversation with another *B/DL, and we started thinking about how our lives would be different if we weren't *B/DL's. Until now, whenever I had thought about it, I had kind of viewed my *B/DLism as just one part of my life, so I could always picture me going through my normal life with it cut out...just like I could picture living my life if I happened to not like certain foods or certain activities.

    But when I really started thinking about it...I think my ABism is so deeply imbedded in me that I would be a different person and have a different personality if I wasn't an AB.

    I mean, I'm a pretty shy, quiet, sensitive, overall nice person, I think. I feel comfortable being safe and secure without anyone else around me. I'm kind of like a little kid. I think a lot of that is related to some of my childhood experiences. Since I think my *B/DLism could also be related to some of those experiences, it seems like my personality and my ABism are kind of linked.

    What's funny is that it seems like a chicken/egg argument. Did my personality influence me becoming an AB, or has my ABism affected my personality as I've grown? Or is it some kind of crazy mixed up version of both?

    Of course, there are people with my personality that are not *B/DL's, and there are *B/DL's without my personality. So I definitely don't think this is something that affects people across the board.

    Nonetheless, I'm curious about you guys. In what ways, if any, do you think your *B/DLism (or furriness or babyfurness) is linked to your identity, or even your personality? I think it's a pretty interesting thing to examine about yourself, and I'd like to hear from other people.

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    I haven't ever had a chance to explore this side of my life but I'd imagine that discovering anything would be an after-thought. Maybe slightly, but it's kind of put on the back shelf for now until I move out, so I can't say for sure.

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    I think I would be pretty much the same without it. There was a while where I wasn't *B/dl, about 2 or 3 years, and I don't think there is much of a difference between me then and me now.

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    I can see myself going throughout my life without my *B/DL side...but it would be a 'half life'. My *B/DL side is ingrained deeply into my personality, without it i would be a different person. Which makes me wonder, what i would've been like if i hadn't have had this....a most dire prospect.

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    I think our personalities are affected by our AB/DLism rather than it changing our personalities. Long before the internet and my having a name for what I am, I can look back and remember the regressive things I did innocently, and were a natural part of my personality. I always liked building models and playing with certain toys. In college I re-discovered Winnie the Pooh, so much that when I got married, I introduced my wife to Pooh, and we would read the stories to each other. At the time I had no idea that this was a part of the regressive side to my personality. We even named our first child Christopher Robert. I still like comics and this Christmas I'm getting slot cars.

    If suddenly I was not an AB, I really don't think it would change the outward part of my personality at all, or how I function in the world, either with my friends or with strangers, because it isn't something I outwardly show. Inside, I wouldn't want to lose the kid part of me. Nor would I want to lose how I see other kids. Working in a Junior High School, I get to see a few students who are pretty infantile in the way they act, and I really love them for it. We have a good repore. I just see the world differently than most, and I'm glad for it.

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    My personality is definately a result of my AB/DLism...

    I have tried in the past to go through life without AB/DL activities... it's no fun.

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    For my, my infantilist tendencies are inextricably part of my personality. To the point that I'm not really sure about identifying as an infantilist. It's just part of me and always has been. I never really gave up being a little kid and I'm not sure I'd *want* to change even if I could. Some of my most "serious and adult" conversations have been atop playground equipment or while pressing buttons in the baby/toddler/preschooler aisles at the store. I'm not giving up my cartoons. They're about the only thing I actually watch television for. I'm not giving up my position as a cub scout leader until I have to (when I move to the US I'm not sure I'll be able to remain a cub scout leader because I'm female and even if I could, I wouldn't, because I don't like the discrimination in the Boy Scouts of America) because I like to play games and run around with the kids. Yeah, it means being really grown up and making them follow the rules, but I get to run around and play games! And I get to tell stories and stuff. And that's really fun! I do little things like dance or skip instead of walking all the time.

    I am what I am and that's not gonna change.

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    An attempt to get dogboy jealous: I have played Pooh Sticks, on Pooh Bridge in the 100 Acre Wood with Christopher Robin. Pity I can't remember it, been as I was 3 or 4 when it happened, but still, beat that! [/tangent]

    I think it works both ways. *BDLism effects personality but equally certain personality traits could mean someone is more likely to become *BDL. Going one way, there are people who show regressive traits when under stress without being *B - this is an example of a personality tending towards it. However, equally I am quite open minded, but I doubt I would have been if it weren't for the fact that I am TBDL. It is definitely a part of my personality, but how much of that is personality leading to being TBDL and how much of that is being TBDL affecting my personality I an incapable of saying.

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    I completely Agree ron. My personality would be completely different without my ab side.

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    Well, perhaps I wouldn't be as calm and easygoing. I could see myself being a much more extreme, intense person if I weren't a TB, because I wouldn't be able to de-stress by doing TB-ish activities. Although, I'd probably find a different form of stress relief. I don't really act like a little kid often. Some of the members here act immature (in an innocent, cute way, not an annoying way), but I'm just not like that, I guess. So I don't really think infantilism has a big impact on my personality.

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