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    Default Spider >.>

    This was on my bedroom wall last week! - Bare in mind I live in England and we really are not suppost to have spiders this big.

    It totally freaked me out.

    Honestly, don't click the button below if your afraid of spiders!

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    That blows. I freakin' hate spiders with a passion, but ive seen much worse.

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    I can't judge how big that thign is since there's no reference to its size. Anyways I should find the pic of the spider that jump on the rental car over at Belknap Hot Springs resort from my brother's wedding. I thought it was a big cricket and once my dad point out it was a spider I screamed like a little girl and RAN with camera in hand.

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    Roughly it was about 5 inches.. Thats hugeee compared to the normal 1/2 inch spiders I see.

    I really freaked out, grabbed my phone, took a picture then ran the hell out of my room until my mum got rid of it!!

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    I don't really mind spiders, it would have been like a sweet moment.

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    my dad loves spiders. he lets them crawl all over his hands and stuff, it's kind of weird.

    the biggest spider i've seen was in Cannada. it was a good 6 incher, and it was mean. i poked it with a stick, and it bit the stick. you could see the fang marks on the stick. as well as mean, it was the fastest bugger i've ever seen! i tried to tap it into the water so a fish would eat it, and it ran across the water onto the rock my very arachnifobic brother was on. he was up in a tree before i could even turn my head!

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    I absolutely hate spiders. They simply give me the creeps. I have had some seemingly near-death experience with "wolf" spiders and I find them particularly frightening due to the fact that they have hair and are fast. Luckily, I have not encountered a large spider for quite a while. I don't understand my fear of spiders seeing as they are mostly harmless, but despite the lack of logic, they really do scare me nonetheless.

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