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Thread: What the heck am I even looking for!?

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    Default What the heck am I even looking for!?

    I am now experiencing this cringing fear that all of the things he wants and needs are going to make my pocketbook become wonderful friends with resident moths. While we have decided, yes, he wants diapers, but isn't sure how to go about beginning in them, we've also discovered the expense of some of these things is almost ridiculous.

    So here I am. Once again reaching out to ya'll...

    My baby boy and I need a place for affordable childrens wear appropriate for the age of around two. We aren't exactly rich, what with three children of my own that we now raise together. (Actual children. Lol ) Rent, bills, and other such are hitting us hard enough without having to throw every spare buck to this. It will make him happy, and I know that. I want to find what I can...

    HELP! XD

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    Erm... I am slightly confused as to exactly who you are asking for and what but I will do my best to cover all aspects just in case....

    I am guessing you mean your hubby pictures himself to be around age 2? This is important because it helps you understand how he wishes to be treated. Personally, I don't like being that young because I like to talk a lot... and I like bigger kid toys also... it's his thing so anything he wants goes in the end... LOL!

    Clothing like this is impossible to find in stores except footed sleepers. The Target chain of stores has adult sleepers and Spencer gifts is supposed to carry them. Other than that, you can also pick up stretchy sweat pants and settle for graphic T shirts. It's possible to find "some" slightly kiddish shirts at walmart/target/kohls in addition to some hats at times. Any clothing that is really baby/kid like beyond that you have to google and order online made especially for adults.

    Diapers are all over the place.... The easiest example is Target/Walmart should carry Depends Overnights Unisex diapers. It's not the best diaper out there but it's so easy to get that gives it the edge. Far better diapers can be ordered online but it's not exactly cheap.

    This web site has a bunch of different brands, bellissimo is often considered the best.....along with Molicare for value.
    About Bellissimo Diapers : Bambino Diapers, The Best Source for ABDL Diapers and Products!

    If you meant for actual kids I am answering the wrong question but I think I got it right... lol
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    The thing is that almost all AB items have to be bought online and mostly from specialist AB websites or over eBay which really makes it all rather expensive. You can get diapers from any pharmacy but they're crap compared to the diapers you can order online, you can get sleepers in stores these days so that isn't too bad but any other baby clothes have to come from online shops and they'll usually be $30+. If you can't afford to buy things then don't, yes your husband may want to regress but he needs to remember that keeping his family financially stable should come first.

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    I'd luuuurve to go on a spending spree and buy half the clothes they have at And whilst it would be amazing to have so many cute things to wear that make me feel little, I've got by with a few "basics"... at least whilst I wait to win the lottery that I never play... :-/

    I bought a couple of footed-sleepers off eBay for about 10 each, and the very comfy Abena Bodystockings make very good onesies (12 to 20 each)... They're plain white (but they're underwear really, so who cares?!), but are really snug and make me feel like I'm being hugged continually...

    A few accessories, like a dummy/pacifier (an adult-sized NUK5 modified with a kids' style guard <15) and a teddy bear shouldn't be tooooooo expensive.

    Otherwise... kids only a little bit older than two wear jogging trousers (loose fitting and elasticated, so easy for "mummy" to dress and undress her little one). Maybe some plainish ones combined with a cartoon-print T-shirt would be a cheapish way to get started...?

    And one of my favourite things that makes me feel cute and little (and is just soooo pretty) is my lovely new duvet cover! It was 40, but it's really good quality, thick cotton and the image is sooo bright and vivid... It's great to let my eyes wander across the patterns and daydream to myself as I gradually wake up in the morning... As the first thing I see every day it puts me in a good/safe/cute/happy state of mind as I psyche myself up to face the world!

    Here's a li'l piccy! Whaddya think?! Maybe a bit girly, but isn't it just sooo cute?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Ah well... hope this provides a little inspiration! :-)

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    Oohh yes. I am talking about my boy. Lol. Wow I would be in the wrong place to be asking for my kids. not that i wouldn't think ya'll would know, just wouldn't be the right spot. Sorry about that.

    These things have helped me out a whole bunch.

    Oh my gosh, Tiny. That is so cute! I bet you are so comfy at night snuggling under that thing, sugar! Thank you so much for giving me so much advice, babydoll. You're the best.<3

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    Hey, I know the feeling somewhat. I want to be able to buy diapers but still have money to pay for expenses such as my schooling, and hopefully moving on with life. Anyway, yeah, if you go to the drugstore you can get some really cheap diapers, but they aren't great. If I want to use a disposable for cheap, i get Certainties from wall greens. They come in packs of 40 for $20 each, and sometimes they come with a buy one get one half off discount. Making them only 50 cents a shot. The thing i like about them is, they leak a lot less than any of the Depends products, however the comfort differs, they each have their advantages, but since certainties are made of cloth, they somewhat lack some babyish qualities. BTW if you are going for a more poofy, long lasting, and still cheap solution, you can stuff a Tina Maxi pad, or just a normal size 6 diaper inside of the certainty, making it about 70 cents a diaper.

    If you want really babyish diapers, you'll want to go to online AB/DL suppliers like the above mentioned. I like ABuniverse, and bambinodiapers. However, these are expensive.

    The other solution, and it is the one i'm moving to right now, is cloth diapers, and i'm finding that they are my favorite diaper to wear. I wish i could wear them all the time, but they are too poofy to do so. Anyway, if you buy cloth diapers, you'll have quite an expensive up front cost, however afterwards you will be able to use them for quite a long time. I bought cloth diapers on amazon from babypants and i love them. I have just bought more from and i'm going to see how they compare, but they cost a bit more through them. The ones from Birdseye Cotton PreFold Diaper 4x8x4 - Large: Health & Personal Care, are nice, and i bought 4 which seem to be enough for occasion. They certainly last through the evening, they hold up well. I also bought plastic pants (which you will need as well) through the same supplier, they have really cute prints, however if you want to be practical, don't get them, the elastics have problems a bit. The elastic works fine for the most part, but some of the plastic is coming out a bit, and i've heard of this happening with others, also it can get a bit rough on the skin. I'm buying another pair of plastic pants from leakmaster, and I think you will find that this would be a better choice, although they don't have fun prints.

    Diapers are going to be the biggest expense, with the cloth solution, I could see you spending no more than $200, which would include 6 cloth diapers, 2 pairs of plastic pants, and some pins. After that though, you could go with that for a few years if you had to. Outside of diapers, it isn't too expensive. I bought a bottle from the grocery store and i love it, its a playtex ventair and it cost 5 or 6 bucks. Stuffed animals don't have to be too much either. Then if you want you can buy him a Nuk 5, which those can range from $25 to as much as $50 depending on how fancy you want to get. If you want to check out designs go to

    If you are really worried about expense though, this is my suggestion. Buy two cloth diapers($50), a good pair of leakmaster plastic pants($20), Pins ($2), A bottle ($6), and a stuffed animal if he doesn't have one ($10-15). All you are out is $90 and you are good for as long as finances do not permit otherwise.

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