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    Hi. I'm new and you can call me RyantheColt. I'm a dl and I like wetting diapers.

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    Hey Ryan. How's it going? How about telling us a little bit more about yourself? To help you out, I've put a link to a great cheat sheet on how to write an intro thread:

    Thanks for posting, hope to see you again!

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    Hi RyantheColt. Nice to meet you. I'm sure a lot of us have that in common

    What else are you into, any sports or hobbies? I like cars, computers, swimming, and watching TV. It's nice to meet you, and Welcome to ADISC. I'm sure you will meet some great people here if you are looking to.

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    I like to collect license plates and I like Pirates of the Caribbean.

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    I like to collect license plates too, most are my own from all my cars, but I did trade one of my personalized plates to a friend (I had 2) for one of his Cali plates. I have plates from a few states but since they are my own, I am limited. I probably have about 30-40 plates though.

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    I have lots of plates including a 9/11 one form Hawaii.

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    I like your avatar. :P Nice. I was at a car show the other day, and there was a display board there with a number plate from every type NZ has ever had. It was actually quite interesting. What's the best personalised plate you've ever seen? I'll post one when I think of one.

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    Are we talking about the best plate I have seen in real life or the best one I saw online? Yesterday I saw a car from Missouri and the plate expired in July 2011. Thanks I do like my avatar.

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