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Thread: Halloween Candy Giveout

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    Default Halloween Candy Giveout

    So, for those of you having an at home get together on halloween like me, what kind of candy are you going to hand out and how much do you have in stock? The reason I'm asking is this is the first year that I am actually expecting trick-r-treaters and I'd like to at least be prepared as I live in an apartment complex of about 100 or so apartments. From what I've heard from one of my neighbors - the one that seems to know everything that's going on, all complexes have to have one of them, is that a lot of the kids who live in the complex will come trick-r-treating here as it's easy and convenient for parents to keep a good watch on the kids, which is certainly a good idea in this day and age.

    Anyway, i'm just wondering, what other's are going to be handing out tomorrow night and how much. Personally, all I have right now is a bag of 3 musketeers and a bag of butterfingers, though neither are entirely full as I'll admit to snacking on them tonight a little. Anyway, just wondering.

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    I dunno.
    Just don't give out toothbrushes :x

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    Don't worry, I was planning on helping to support our local dentist by handing out sweet sugary tooth rotting candy. Speaking of that, I think I'll have another piece.

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    I usually buy one bag of mini twix bars and one bag of peanut butter m&ms fun packs. Of course, I never get any trick or treaters so I get those ones because they're my personal preference

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    I live in a security building, no children...and I don't "do" Hallowe'en, anyway. Soooooo, no candy here.

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    Chewable vitamins, when they run out, laxative chocolate.

    Failing that.

    Cyanide Surprise. The surprise comes when you stop breathing.

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    I went trick or treating once when I was younger, and one person gave me an apple!
    The horror!

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    They'll have to wait 12 more days here (11 November) and do a little bit more then just say "Trick or treat" here, my mom always buys the candy. (and it's generally for a little younger age.)

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    I'm going trick-or-treating with friends. Mom's going to hand out candy. We live in a development so we have quite a bit of kids come ... more and more every year!

    We got 3 bags of chocolate. Twix, 3 Musketeers, and Resee's Fast Breaks I believe. Anyway, we're not eating any of that, it's all for the little kids.

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