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    Before I left my office for lunch I went into the Men's room and traded my underwear for a nice fluffy diaper. Then I went down to my car and drove the short distance home for a quiet lunch. On the way home I wet the diaper twice. While unlocking the door at home to go inside I poo'd a little bit into my warm wet diaper. I went over to my favorite chair and sat down and pee'd and poo'd one more time, and turned on the TV to watch the noon news.

    Time to go back to work again now so will go clean up and head back. Does anyone else manage these lunch time fun type of excursions in the DL world?

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    I do pee in my nappy/diaper if I get cut short or if the loo is no where near, but I rarely poo in there unless I have an accident or a tummy upset. But yeah I suppose relaxing in wet squishy padding can be nice for a while during the day. (I do wet during the night quite often anyway)

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