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Thread: I almost accidently told my bestfriend

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    Default I almost accidently told my bestfriend

    On friday night my best friend calls me and asks for advise on what is the best protection to wear at night he knew that i wet the bed untill i was 14 so i thought he was going to tell me he started wetting the bed i was really excited so he asks me to meet him at cvs i start walking to the diaper isle and he yells hey dude the contraceptives are over here and i was a little disappointed no diaper sleepovers with my best friend. has anything like this happened to anyone.

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    I never had this exact thing happen to me but that is crazy... Your friend wanted "protection at night?" Those exact words? As in, people only need contraceptives at night?


    I would have been just as confused as you were. I could imagine how excited it would have been thinking I was being asked about diapers. What a shame!

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    yeah it is kinda embarrassing. I know more about diapers then contraceptives.

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    So wait, when he asked you on the phone "what is the best protection to wear at night" what answer did you give him?


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    I told him to come with me to the cvs and we will check out the best protection

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    Xp that would be my luck if any of my friends asked me that

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    In fairness if anyone said night time protection then a lot of people would assume bedwetting, sure people refer to condoms as protection but they don't say night time protection. It was his poor choice of words that led to this so don't blame yourself for his miscommunication.

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    I hope you recommended Trojan! Only brand worth buying unless you want to get somebody pregnant.

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    Not to make light of a potentially embarrassing situation, but that would have made an excellent rage comic.

    I will agree, that the usage of the words 'nighttime protection' would make someone think of someone who is a bedwetter or just incontinent and doesn't want to use those terms with someone else.

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    At least you asked him to meet you at CVS and didn't just give him a verbal list of diaper brands over the phone

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