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Thread: Tainted candy and baby formula!

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    Default Tainted candy and baby formula!

    For those who may not have heard yet who are trick or treating or who buy their baby supplies online, China recently had a huge amount of milk tainted with melamine. This has led to recalls in many countries, but there may be tainted candy and baby milk still floating around. Many infants in China became ill and/or died from the melamine in the baby formulas and baby foods.

    MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THE SOURCE OF YOUR MILK! If you have candy that has milk powder in it, make sure to look up the brand names and such to ensure that the product hasn't been recalled/hasn't been imported from China! If it has been, THROW IT OUT. Better safe than sorry!

    Melamine poisoning was responsible for the animal food poisoning last year.

    A Canadian Candy has been recalled.

    I caution all of you to be careful and check the sources on your supplies!

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    Hmm... interesting... I'll have to check up on that canadian candy I want to get...

    So, first the lead painted toy recall... then the tainted pet food recall... now tainted chocolate candy just in time for the holidays?

    My question is this... when is the international community going to step up as a whole and crack down on China's blatant lack of health and safety inspections for products that it exports? China's economy depends on these exports... toys... food... etc. You'd think a little international pressure would make them fix things.

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    *nods* It's best to be sure. I'd hate for someone to get sick! It was a low quality candy, though, so if what you're getting is higher quality, it's *probably* safe.

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    That's kind of old news now...But I'll be sure to save my candy for the kiddies =D

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    Might be old news for some, but better to make sure. You never know who's heard what and baby stuff is something a lot of people here might get online, where it's hard to know sources of stuff.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Well, the Red State Republicans don't mind it if every freakin' thing sold in the United States comes from China. Egads! We used to have manufacturing in this country, but almost all of those jobs have been sent to China and India. And we have poisoned food and dangerously defective toys to show for it.

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