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Thread: Well, I exposed myself by accident! Oops!

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    Default Well, I exposed myself by accident! Oops!

    I personally found the whole situation to be really funny. I totally exposed myself by accident!
    I needed a nice looking shirt for going out to a nice place for dinner.....

    (All my shirts I could find were too kiddy, kermit shirts, mario shirts, etc....)

    I was trying to find a nice Calvin Klein shirt that I seemed to have misplaced and I was walking out to my car with my significant other when I brought up that it might be in the trunk of my car. So I opened up the trunk to check.

    Yeah, that's where the diapers I bought are.

    She knew what they were right away because she works in a pharmacy.


    She did know I had this "fetish" as I had told her about it when we had a fight a while back; I had told her about it because I was trying to tell her how awful I was and push her away.

    She was freaked out by it and can't really handle it, but of course I wasn't wearing at all and hadn't for a long time which I did admit as well. Now it's right there BAM in her face.

    Because I am a moron and forgot! LOL! Yes, as horrible as the whole thing is, I really found myself laughing at myself.

    So we had a talk of course and I tried to attempt to explain it, but, she will never really understand it or really accept it. I did tell her like it is however, that I love her and I tried to explain that it makes me feel good.

    I said, well, I am going to be doing it. I promised not to rub her face in it and attempt to keep it private but finished by saying that she may catch me wearing at some point.... Just an attempt to prepare her for that possibility...

    The whole situation isn't the best but it's really not the worst I've seen out there. She will never really be supportive of what is freakish and wrong in her mind. But, I have very strong feelings for her regardless, as she does for me, and I know things can be worked out.... even if the outcome isn't the ultimate one I would desire.

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    Well at least it sounds like everything didn't go terribly. Hopefully she learns to accept it more and more, if not completely. Glad to know she didn't freak out, but maybe you should hide your diapers better. :P

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    Gosh yeah... that really was something. I can't believe I just opened my trunk like that with her standing there.

    It's a very difficult situation for her to deal with right now so I have to try to take things slow and always keep her feelings into consideration. It's a delicate balance because I have to care about myself but not to the point that I forget she has feelings too. Although, we had a normal goodnight kisses and even though the diaper stuff scares her it hasn't really done any damage from what I can tell.

    I don't have silly high end hopes for her accepting it, I would be happy though if I could at some point wear them under my clothes around her without it having to be a big deal. (Not like an everyday thing either.)

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    Its great to see that you are being super positive! It helps make the situation that much easier. Hope things get better

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    Thanks Lostboy! The more I think about it I am still well within being reasonable with her....

    When we started getting serious I outright told her all about the diapers and that it was something I was not doing, but, may someday do again.

    Suprise! Someday has arrived! LOL!

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