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Thread: cooking with parsley.

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    Default cooking with parsley.

    I love cooking and do 98 percent of the cooking at my house. To me, it's fun, and a good way to express your artistic side.

    Anyways, I have a simple question, and hope it doesn't sound to silly.

    Does anyone use it for more than adding coloring and, or contrast to a dish?
    I am generally referring to the commonly dehydrated flakes found in a seasoning shaker.

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    Yes, parsley has a distinctive flavor and I like to use it in dishes with chicken. If I am making chicken and noodles (or turkey and noodles) or if I am making chicken noodle soup, I throw in a good amount of parsley flakes--and it does change the flavor just a bit. Parsley looks good on mashed potatoes and other vegetable dishes, but I think it adds to the flavor.
    On a related note, if I have fresh parsley, I will eat a sprig of it at the end of the meal to help settle things in the tummy. Especially if I have had a greasy cut of meat, parsley helps takethe taste of grease out of my mouth.

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    I had heard that was why it is served fresh on the side of dishes. Mainly for aftertaste and breathe. Did not know about the stomach settling property.

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    When I make spaghetti sauce I cook parsley into the ground beef with some salt and pepper. I'm guessing it does have some flavour because if I ever forget the parsley the sauce just isn't as good. I tend to cook with parsley whenever I am cooking something more bland to bring out some flavour.

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    i can't stand parsley. to me, it's one of those ingredients that should only be used if you intend to ruin food. 'we' (ie. my mum) grow our own, along with other herbs, and parsley only seems good for keeping certain critters away.

    at the moment, i'm big on garlic. i use granules, garlic butter and cloves (though, rarely, as there's no real need if you've got the other two. but mum uses cloves a lot).
    at one time i would never have touched the stuff as i was/am sensitive to it's irritant effect (before i got used to it, my throat would swell if i ate any).

    but i'm not changing my mind about parsley.

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    I find parsely actually does have a distinctive taste on it's own (goes really good with tomato), however it seems to lose more flavor than most spices when in dried form (turning into as you said, mainly decoration).

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