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    I was wearing an Abena plastic-backed diaper and went for a massage today.
    Wasn't very wet, but when the masseuse left the room for me to get on the table, I first put down some Leakmaster snap-on plastic pants, with a contour cloth diaper (with pins ready on each side) on top. Then I untaped the disposable diaper and laid it onto the cloth one. Powder on both diapers. Then I got situated and pulled up the sheet & blanket. I told the masseuse about my incontinence and she was very understanding. I drifted off while she was working on my back. And when she told me it was time to turn over, I said that I was wet. I removed the disposable diaper, wrapped it up and put it on a nearby stool. Then I stood up, as she was holding the sheet up as a way to block her view, and I pinned on the cloth diaper. Then, I laid down on the table, face up, and pulled up the plastic pants. She dropped the sheet and said, "I'll help you with those." She snapped up the right side and then came to the other side and adjusted the pants, fixing one snap that hadn't been done. She said, "It is important that you feel comfortable and dry." She finished the massage, and with about 10 minutes to go in the session, I asked her if she could focus again on my hips. She had me turn on my side, and then on my stomach, and she massaged me through the plastic pants. Very professional, but she was very understanding. She even took the used disposable diaper and put it in the trash for me. Certainly a relaxing massage, and if you do need protection, don't hesitate to wear some. It again confirms my belief that massage therapists can be good at what they do, and understanding of their clients.

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    No offense, but it sounds a little fictional to me.
    Also to me. (no offense)

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