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Thread: The Sara Sliverman Program

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    Default The Sara Sliverman Program

    Well tonight I was watching the new episode of South Park on Comedy Central and I saw a ad for tomorrow nights episode of The Sara Sliverman Program. It seams that Sara Sliverman started to wet the bed and it then cuts to a clip of her in a supermarket holding off what seams to be a fake brand of adult diapers. If you seen Sara Sliverman either live or on her tv show she does everything off the wall.

    Anyways it just seams like a excuse for them to play around with adult diapers and making fun of the topic of adult bedwetting.

    It's on Comedy Central of course.

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    ^ do you not have cable?

    Cool I've gotta see that. She is always pretty good at making fun of things in a nice way... Like: homeless people, gay people, dogs.... The list goes on. Either way, she is funny.

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    I have satellite...I was going to watch it, but I think I was at Chicfila when it was on

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    it airs thursday pojo and i saw this yesterday might as well watch to see what they do with the concept =-/

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    yeah i thought it was today as well but its tomorrow so i will definitely be watching it! ^_^

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    If you miss it i'm sure you can catch it on surf the channel or something...thats probably the plan i'll be on

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    Or I could burn it to a dvd, rip it to my computer, take out the tv spots, compress it, then send it out on bittorrent.

    Then again I don't think I will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    Anyways it just seams like a excuse for them to play around with adult diapers and making fun of the topic of adult bedwetting.

    Excuse? I'm lost... How is this any different than anything else they might lampoon on the show? It just takes different subjects that may be considered taboo and satirize it, basically a live action South Park, only more immature.

    I think you think its an excuse because its one of the first or rare shows to touch this subject and, well obviously it kinda hits this community (some who deal with bedwetting and others for the diapers).

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