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Thread: Do you wear diapers while you play an MMORPG?

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    Default Do you wear diapers while you play an MMORPG?

    What do you play?

    I have played MMORPG's since the old days with text based MUDS, my favorite one being Dragon Realms from Simutronics.

    Then things went awesome... Everquest. We took the text based mud and made it 3D on a grand scale. I played since the early days and would often wear a diaper while I was the healer for my groups.

    Diapers were not only fun, but practical! As a healer I would be one of the major cogs keeping the group from dying, so having to say "afk, bio break" a lot really isn't a good idea. With diapers I can stay way longer.

    Of course the youngsters here likely are more into World Of Warcraft. Wouldn't it be funny to have a diapered guild in WOW?

    "afk, diaper change"

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    I personally only know 2 or 3 people who play WOW, so it may not be that big (might be different in America) or people get so much shit they keep quite about it. I personally would love to play Minecraft while diapered, it would make those hours of placing and destroyinh blocks that much more bearable (I personally enjoy redstone, caving and complex structures the most. But sometimes you just need a big square room).

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    I generally outlast any diaper I'd be comfortable gaming in, so they don't do me much good for it. When the need to change does finally roll around, it's more time-consuming than a quick jaunt to the toilet and washing of hands. I can see the value for someone who has to take frequent breaks but they're not practical for me.

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    I wear 24/7 and it very nice in a MMORPG. More so when doing a long event with friends.
    I remember the text based games too.
    My first online rpg game with graphics were neverwinter nights.
    Not the newer one the old old one from late 80s to early 90s(forgot when it was out).
    I had a 486 dx66 I played it on.

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    The recent release of Guild Wars 2 has definitely caused me to pull out a diaper more than I used to. Waited for that for 5 years :P

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    When doing dungeons I always put on a fresh one. Remember when on WoW some took 2hours or more if you was with a slow group. I been playing GW2 now but have not started any dungeons yet. But i dont think that they are that long. But i'm still in one.

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    I plan on getting Guild Wars 2 eventually so that doesn't sound like a bad idea. A diaper would be very handy when you can't leave the computer for long.

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    i have afk'd a few diaper changes. Too bad i couldn't call it that...

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    Try the explorable versions :P

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    Not really an MMORPG, but when i'm playing Minecraft Hunger Games I wear so I can put all of my focus in the game, and change in the 5 minute break in between rounds.

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