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    Default Fursuits

    What's ADISCs furry population opinion on them?

    Creepy and ghoulish? Or fun and adorable? Do you prefer realistic fursuits? Cartoony? Partial or full? Do you propose to own a fursuit one day? Or do you prefer to just watch?

    If you have a particular favorite fursuit you've seen on the internet or in person at a convention please post a picture and / or video.

    There were a few fursuiters at an anime convention I attended recently. I managed to snap a semi-blurred picture of one (my favorite of the bunch), despite the fact he seemed rather camera shy:

    I passed a group of fursuiters on a bus on the way to the venue wandering the streets. I wasn't expecting any so it was a pleasant surprise.

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    I would love to own one of those suits, but the price is just too high, for me.

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    I can see why they're so attractive for furries and even for other people. I mean you can easily walk around in a fursuit in public (in a group of several people in fursuits), wave at kids or shake hands with them and what not, and parents will smile and take pictures. Not something ABs or DLs can do.

    Besides, fursuits are usually cute, displaying some cute animal or a cartoon character at times.

    I can't say I've ever seen a fursuit IRL, but wouldn't mind running into some people in fursuits.


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    Depends on what it is. Some fursuits can be ghoulish. Others are really awesome. I think most of them are pretty cool. I've actually wanted one so when I go to AC I can win the dance competition -.- Show all those other furs what's up =p

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    I like them I've hung out with a few people that had partial. And I plan to get a partial.

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    I LOVE fursuits! And I would LOVE to own one some day in the relatively near future. Personally, I like the cartoony ones more than the realistic ones. Realistic look amazing, though. Cartoony just... is my preference.

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    I think they would be a wonderful aid to a person like me who is not comfortable with the way they look, and for the very shy like myself.

    You can go out and be something your not, without others judgeing you of the way you look.

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    i have a partial suite im working on ill probably post when im done with it.... but yeah no its not for me but there are some pretty amazing ones i have seen.. though not in real life

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    To be honest fursuits freak my out. Thats just me however. Nothing against furries but people in costume make me really anxious. I remember going to Disney World when I was younger with my family and being terrified by the people dressed as the Disney characters.

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    Oh yeah, furries are awesome! This is my favorite fursuiter:

    For some reason, the img tag isn't working for me, but here's the picture-

    Jäger is awesome!!!!! (and yes that's me next to hiim) lol
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