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Thread: First Day Wearing To School And Work

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    Default First Day Wearing To School And Work

    Here goes nothing. I am wearing to school and then to work I have brought a few extras in my backpack just in case. I am so nervous, but I love the padded feeling beteween my legs. I do not know if I will wet it, but I really am scared and idk if i will last the whole day. Wish me luck and any tips would be helpful.

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    My first tip would have been not to do it. I mean, did you not see the post about the kid who got caught? It's not worth it. Not by a long shot. The feeling, the thrill, and the rewards just aren't worth it when you think about it. For now, just don't draw any attention to yourself, don't seem nervous, and don't use your diaper or pullup. I hope all goes well for you, but please reconsider doing this again.

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    Just be sure, if you're going to use your diaper, that you know exactly what the capacity is. Make sure you wear something over your diaper, like boxer briefs and boxers, just to be sure that if for any reason your pants come down a little bit that no one can see your diaper. That other kid certainly seems to be having a real tough time dealing with things after having been caught at school. You can't be too safe with this.

    Otherwise, wearing diapers in public in a familiar place with people you know can be a fun experience if all goes well.

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    For years I wore to school and work.
    No one noticed.

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    I second what bikcbikc said. It's not such a big deal. Just don't act nervous and be aware of your surroundings and you will be fine.

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    I wear 24/7 and so I always wear at work. It's not a big deal really. Wear high-waisted boxer-briefs over the nappy, keep your shirt tucked in and wear a belt on your trousers. If you wet, don't wait too long before changing; you risk leaks.

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    All I can really say is Good Luck. Some might say it's not worth it, but if you want to take the risk, then why not? :p

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    For your first few "outings" I'd recommend not wetting. You won't need to bring a change with you either. Just get yourself more comfortable with wearing at work and school.

    When you're more comfortable with it, try wetting at work shortly before you leave. Don't plan to change. If you have a leak, you'll have less risk of being seen in the short time before you're off. Don't wet a lot, just enough to break the ice and spend a little time at work in your wet diaper. Change when you get home. (see if you can wet a little more on the way home!)

    After you're good with that and confident you won't leak, just bring one change, and wet a small amount midway through the day, to see if you are going to be able to find an opportunity to change. If you can't get away for a change, it's not an emergency, just wait until you go home to change. You'll probably discover a few things you need to plan for to change. Things like "bring a ziploc to put your wet diaper in", have a way to clean up a little, bring powder, have a place to stash the wet diaper to take home or to dispose of at work, etc.

    The most bothersome thing for me when changing at work is that the bathroom is in a main hallway and close to an office, so I have to time my trip if I want to avoid being seen taking my "supplies" in and out of the bathroom. I keep my diaper change in my lunch cooler in a somewhat stealthy compartment up in the lid, along with a ziploc and a travel size powder container. If anyone asks me why I took my bag in with me, I just tell them I refilled my water bottle in the sink while I was there.

    Here's one that looks kinda similar. US Airways Company Store - Company Store &gt Travel Gear > Lunch Coolers
    Mine has the upper pouch zipper around the TOP instead of on the side by the main zipper, and I just tuck the zipper ends in so it's very hard to spot.

    Here's another with an extra pouch on the front that would probably fit a diaper:
    Promo Small Chiller Bags ideal for kids lunch box or for packing hubby

    Maybe find something like that at the local big box store. (walmart etc)

    Within a few weeks you should be able to use your diaper and change if needed at work.

    Just work yourself up in little steps like that and you'll be fine.

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    As long as you wear undies that completely cover the diaper, you should be fine. I would only really recommend wearing it to work though, as school isn't the most fun place to wear. If you do, there shouldn't be too high of a chance of getting caught, but there is still a chance, so be careful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CheckeredDots View Post
    All I can really say is Good Luck. Some might say it's not worth it, but if you want to take the risk, then why not? :p
    I agree, and to be honest most people are probably to busy with their own lives to notice if you're wearing a diaper.

    And can I just say, I love your icon/avatar! Denmark looks so cute~

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