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Thread: A Snappi is crappy, Boingos are... I don't know what rhymes with Boingos.

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    Default A Snappi is crappy, Boingos are... I don't know what rhymes with Boingos.

    ...which is probably why I think it's such a stupid name. Boingo. Whatever!

    But Boingos ROCK!

    If you're a cloth diaper wearer, you've probably heard of the Snappi, a substitute for diaper pins. Basically, it's a little three-armed bungee cord with plastic claws that grip the fabric. Snappis have been wildly popular in the world of baby cloth diapering for a few years now, but while a number of adult cloth diaper companies (e.g., Baby Pants, Changing Times, etc.) sell them, they just don't work very well on adults.

    The problem with Snappis is that, because they're meant to stretch from one corner of the diaper to the other, they have to be sized to match the wearer and/or the diaper. Consequently, there are a couple of sizes of Snappi, and neither of them is sized correctly for an adult. To use a Snappi as an adult, you have to (unless you're small) deliberately oversize your diaper, making it possible to get the back corners very close together when pulled forward, allowing the Snappi to reach both of them. Which sucks. There really is such a thing as too much diaper! I usually wear a medium in the Changing Times / Rearz prefolds. To use a Snappi, I have to wear an XL!

    So! Forget Snappis. They're for BBs (Baby Babies).

    One day, about a month ago, I was surfing the Rearz site and ran across the Boingo. WHAT THE HECK?! Why aren't these things more popular among AB/DLs? Why do no other adult diaper companies sell them?


    A Boingo is like a Snappi, but designed to be used in pairs just like diaper pins:

    (Sorry 'bout the overexposed images!)

    They come in a bunch of other colors, too. I got pink, orange, green, and white.

    I've used these with my Baby Pants and Changing Times prefolds, both twill and birdseye, and they work very well. I love them! Go and get a pair today! Well, actually, there are a couple of teensy problems: Except for Rearz, they seem to be available only from baby diaper companies, meaning that if you don't order form Rearz, discreet shipping may not be available. Rearz also seems to carry only the older version of the Boingo. I ordered the latest version from a local baby diaper company and shipped to the UPS Store.

    And one last useful feature of the Boingo: Unlike Snappis, which forced me to wear larger diapers than I wanted to, Boingos actually let me wear smaller diapers. I had a pair of small Changing Times prefolds that I'd intended to use as stuffers, but with Boingos I can wear them by themselves! The rubber material that the Boingos are made of doesn't stick to skin or pull hairs, so if you can get the corners of the diaper close enough for the Boingo to reach, you're good. This is great, because the small diapers have sufficient rise for me, but aren't quite wide enough to pin. With the Boingos, they make a nice trim-fitting diaper option that requires no folding and could be worn unnoticed under tight pants.

    So, there you go.

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    I started wearing cloth day and night about 4 months ago. Previous to that I wore disposables during the day. Now I'm no stranger to cloth diapers, and like you, I have a big collection of twill weave diapers and flannel diapers. I've tried the snappis and they just barely fit with my diapers. They need to be a bit larger. Pins are my mainstay, but every once and while I'll stick myself. Okay, so you've got me half convinced I should try the Boingo's. Thanks for the feedback.

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    Thanks for the review!
    The ones on Rearz appear the same as the ones on Boingos site. What is the difference between the older and newer versions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spaz View Post
    I have a big collection of twill weave diapers and flannel diapers.
    I haven't tried the flannel, so I'll have to do that. They're fantastic on twill, though.

    Quote Originally Posted by ilikecars View Post
    What is the difference between the older and newer versions?
    You have to look closely, but the older ones have a much more flat appearance and a very square edge on the rubber. They also appear to be a tad longer. I have no reason to believe that they wouldn't work fine. The only reason I know there are two versions is that there are several baby diaper stores (e.g. this one) that carry both.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cottontail View Post
    ...which is probably why I think it's such a stupid name. Boingo. Whatever!
    Oingo rhymes with Boingo. And so does door-hoingo. Just so you know!

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    I ordered 2 sets of these because I keep doing a complete body pierce with diaper pins. It really sucks when your paralysed
    from the waist down and miss with the pin and go through the skin. The Boingo looks like it will work pretty good for my needs.
    has anyone else tried these?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Point View Post
    Oingo rhymes with Boingo.
    Yeah! My favorite band!

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    I'll have to try these eventually. Snappies do tend to stretch a LOT.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krone6 View Post
    Snappies do tend to stretch a LOT.
    Huh. I've never really managed to stretch my Snappis at all. They're both very stiff, and as soon as I begin pulling on them, I begin to have premonitions of a violent explosion and being pelted in the eyes with rubber shrapnel. I wouldn't say that the Boingos are very stretchy, but they are, IMO, a good deal stretchier than Snappis.

    Maybe I should clamp my Snappis in a vise and hang cinder blocks from them for a few days.

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