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    Herro, I am Lord Kade, I go by just Kade on other forums. I am a 20 year old DL and somewhat AB. I live in Florida. I love disposable diapers. I got started in this when I wet the bed till I was 13 and then just developed a diaper fetish and It Grew and Grew. I hope I will like it here, nice to met you all !!!!!

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    Why herro there...

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    nice to meet you too, Lord Kade!

    Hope you enjoy it here. Feel free to message/comment me if you ever feel chatty. :P

    See you around!

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    Don't worry; we don't bite=)

    Well, MOST of us.

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    ...and unfortunately I'm not one of them. RAWR!

    Welcome to ADISC, Kade.

    If after a while you don't like it here... then... uh... trust me, you'll like it here!

    Don't feel pressured to post on impulse in every thread as I've seen some new folks do - just post wherever you've got something to say. You'll eventually get used to the way the forums work and the members who use it.

    And if you fancy a chat, feel free to PM me or check out the IRC chatroom or something. It's all good.


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    Well welcome.

    Hope you left your shyness at the door (if you have any) and are able to post around.

    Like Figz said, I don't bite (...hard)

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