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Thread: First time proper abena

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    Default First time proper abena

    Well, I just tried for the first time in my life an abena air M4 and a plastic backed M3.
    i suppose you can imagine the feeling.

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    Cant really imagine it ... for now .. tomorrow or the day after i will be getting my first adault diapers i orderd (abena too) cant wait to find out the feeling

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    Abenas are awesome. I've gone through several packs of X-plus (plastic backed, equivalent of M4). They're definitely my favourite. Very, very absorbent.

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    My 3rd favorite diaper, among other awesome ones like Bambino Bellissimo, Fabine Exclusive, Dry24/7, Cloth-backed Cushies (mixture of daytime comfort, stealth and medium absorbency is hard to beat), Super Dry kids (because I like pampers) and Molicare SuperPlus. Abena may be the best design overall though, its an arguable topic. Enjoy them

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    Yeah I find the plastic-backed M4 to probably be the standard by which I judge diapers. They are comfortable, absorbent, discreet, and well-made. I think they comprise the perfect all around diaper. I can go out with normal clothes and not worry about the bulk very much, which is a nice thing. Dry 24/7 and Bambino Bellissimo's have a lot of absorbency, but I don't find them to be very practical most of the time. They are just too obvious.

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    What's going on with Abena, back in about late March I ordered a case of Abena M4, and the quality was just bleeping horrible and when I say horrible I mean to the point where they make Depends look good. And they were Abena M4s and this happened again when I ordered another in April.!

    Now i found a post on here about other people who experienced the same issue
    The Abena M4s were "were really thin, didn't wick, and absorbed less then a Depends. And had little black numbers near the bum part(this was apparently was a sign that got one of the bad batch)

    I wanted to know from anyone if this issue has stopped and that they back to being THICK and really absorbent and swell up really good again.

    I've been using Total Dry Xplus (Secure xplus' also known for Bambinos) which iis must say during Abena's fallout on their M4s these have been a fantastic replacement but I miss the really thick feeling that Abena has.

    So please someone let me if they fixed them

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