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Thread: wow, what a shocker.

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    Default wow, what a shocker.

    My mom called me up tonight at like 11:10 PM to ask me to measure my feet. At first I was like great, she thinks I might get diabetes by the size of my feet. So then she confesses that shes working on a footed sleeper. At first I was thinking and hoping it was Eyeore themed since she knows I like him a lot. But later on she told me it was cat in the hat themed and told me to hop on Ebay to see the same design as she found at a yard sale.

    She said she paid like 15 dollars for it at a garage sale and it's near mint. So in the morning she's putting it in the mail. I don't really like Cat in the Hat but I offered to take it from her after all it's free and I only have 1 other sleeper anyhow.
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    Fire, those are nice looking footed jammies & your mom getting them for you, must've been a nice & unexpected surprise for you? I'm sure you'll enjoy them, even though you stated you don't care for Cat in the Hat!!

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    I saw those at the store once, but they were like $30 and in the woman's section. I think they were at smiths marketplace (but it may have been target or some other store) last winter. I think it is so great that your mom bought you footy pajamas, my mom would rather give me a bible and then it me on the head with it. It is the perfect time of year to get footies too; starting to get cold at night but no so cold that you dread taking them off in the morning. Congratulations.

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    Well I'm at the northern side of Central California so theres not a lot of chances to wear a footed sleeper. On the plus side the furnace is broken or at least intentionally off since we do have a wood burning stove (fireplace) and my dad is here about 3/4ths the time so I can just build a small fire and wear footed PJ's.

    my mom's never seen my sleeper before since my stepdad more then likely disagrees with this aspect of me. Which was partly why I drank with him last Christmas vacation to prove I could hold my own. But early on my mom was in disagreement with it too without really listening to my side of it and I still think she's weirded out by it. Which honestly I get, that's fine. But this find just came when she and her friend were at a garage sale and there just happened to be a cool footed sleeper she saw that would more then likely fit me. And frankly if I was with them or lived there, I wouldn't of asked for it.

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