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    I was skulking around the Internet today and I ran across this story: A Faded Piece of Papyrus Refers to Jesus' Wife. I thought it was interesting enough to read through. What turned out to be more interesting to me than the notion of Christ having a wife was how strongly some of the commenters seemed to be against the idea.

    My question for Christians is this: assuming this were true in the most obvious sense, i.e., that Christ did indeed have a wife, what would this mean to you? Is it utterly irreconcilable with your faith, and if so, why or why not? Knowing what branch of Christianity you practice might also be helpful in this. To be clear, my question does not relate to the actual legitimacy of the papyrus or the what else it could mean even if legitimate (something for another thread if anyone cares) but is a thought experiment about what it would mean if it were true. As an atheist, Christ having a wife makes no difference that I can see but the passioned and occasionally eloquent responses in the comments section made me wonder how our members might see such a thing.

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    I personally consider the bible to be a set of metaphoric stories, things that you should use to derive moral values from, as opposed to a history book. For example, I believe god created the universe-through the big bang. Therefore, Jesus may not have been exactly the man he was portrayed to be, but that does not take away from his message of love and forgiveness.

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    I don't think it changes anything.

    If anything it would make my faith more strong. I mean, the story goes that Jesus gave up his life as the ultimate sacrifice so we could life in peace. Imagine not only giving up your life but your wife. The person closest to you, who's promised to stand by you forever more... Wow. That's impressive.

    For the record, I'm a Church of Scotland (Protestant) member!

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    I believe that christ did have a wife. Why the bible doesn't mention it, I couldn't begin to guess. But the bible does say that Jesus was tempted in every way, so how else could he be tempted by adultery if he was never married.

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    It wouldn't affect my religion at all. My church, especially my youth group, studies the bible and reads the passages, but we relate it to our own lives and believe the overall meaning instead of scrutinizing over every word. It might help other members of my church relate to Jesus more, but it doesn't mean as much to me.

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    Thanks for the responses. Obviously everyone else who replies could look at this in a completely different way, but I was surprised to see that it should matter so much. To me it's sort of like asking what it would mean if he were left-handed or bald. His message remains the same with or without a wife and while it might be an interesting bit of information it doesn't change his essential nature.

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    There's a near thirty year gap in the bible regarding the life of Christ. I am sure many interesting things went on during that time, probably involving Jesus' struggling with who He was, who He was meant to be and destined to become. He was, after all, a human of flesh and blood; that was the point of Christ (from my understanding, at least). So Jesus very well may have had a wife and maybe even children. I understand the whole virgin aspect to represent purity but really, I don't think that Christ having an intimate relationship with another takes away from His message, or His spirituality. If anything it strengthens the bond he shares with the whole world which, to my knowledge, was the point of Jesus' sacrifice: He died for everyone, not just people whom He liked or people who agreed with Him or even those people who chose to believe in Him at all. He loves everyone regardless.

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    I never really thought about this. But really makes no difference to me. Not sure why anyone would really be offended if he did or didn't.

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    I'm LDS. Most of us believe that Christ did have a wife although our church has no official stance on this issue. Actually, my church does have an official stance that they do not have an official stance on the issue.

    From my experience as a missionary in Costa Rica, it is mostly Catholics that have issues with this possibility. Although, also from my limited experience in one country (however with thousands of people over two years), the more touchy subject for Catholics (and especially Latino Catholics) is the belief that Mary had other children with Joseph after having Jesus. I think, although I could be wrong, that this touchiness comes from a belief that celibacy is more righteous than marriage (this may go along with some people's belief that sex was the original sin i.e. the forbidden fruit - a belief that I and my religion do not share).

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    I'm not a Christian, but I'll voice the perspective of the Muslim. We do not have any proofs for or against the idea that Jesus (pbuh) was married. However in the Qur'an Allah says:

    "We did send Messengers before thee, and appointed for them wives and children: and it was never the part of a Messenger to bring a Sign except as Allah permitted (or commanded). For each period is a Book (revealed)."
    (Hud 13:38)

    "Some Christians consider this a blasphemy. According to them to say that Jesus was married means that he was not God. Although they say that God had a son; but they say that Jesus could not have a son. However, as Muslims we say that if he was not married then this does not make him God; because Prophet Yahya (John the Baptist) who was Jesus’ contemporary was not married and no one considered him divine. Celibacy does not make any person divine. And if Jesus was married then this does not take away his honour because there were many prophets before him and after him who were married and had offspring." (the previous paragraph is from

    Of course, in Islam Jesus (pbuh) is a revered prophet, not God (or a god). We do not believe that he is dead or was ever crucified. We believe that he was raised to heaven and is there, and will return at the 'appointed time' to end all wars and bring peace to the world.

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