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Thread: My Vintage "Adult" Car Seat

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    Default My Vintage "Adult" Car Seat

    This is a Century 4200 from 1984. It's roomy as older seats go so with my 33" waist, I fit in this nicely. I added webbing to the harness so it's long enough to buckle myslf in. The T shield is a nice soft rubber and the padding is quite thick and comfy. Now who wants to drive? Oh, it's FAA approved!Click image for larger version. 

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    I love that! I want a vintage car seat so bad.

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    That must have been the Century model to come out just before the one we bought for our daughter in Fall of 1985. The basic seat looks the same. The one difference was that ours had the pull over front bar. It had the same kind of soft rubber on the bar as this one has on the T shield.


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    Lets strap you into my 77 camaro, I would love to drive you around.

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    It looks in pristine condition!! I used to have come like that but blue.

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    bet it is nice to sit on that seat. The vinyl seat looks very comfy and has the nice slipper vinyl padding.

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