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Thread: Wonderful Waterfuls

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    Default Wonderful Waterfuls

    Did anyone have Wonderful Waterfuls as a toy when they where a kid. I had one at my grandmas house when I was little and it was an old one form the 70s

    I found 2 at the goodwill today for only $1.99 each, Check out the video I made.
    Wonderful Waterfuls - YouTube
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    i had one for my bath, not this specific model.
    the one i had use the water from the bath to fill up

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    I loved those things as a kid the one i remember the most is the ring toss type. I have to go to a GoodWill soon to see if there are any. (And maybe just maybe there will also be a Sleeper like the one you found there)

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    Oh god these things are awesome. I recall using one remarkably similar to this one as a child.

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    i had one just like that one brand new!!!
    so much fun.... hours of fun.... hours and hours and hours....

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    Actually, those bring back terrible memories for me.

    My Dentist had several of the damn things.
    As a result the nostalgia of the toy is ruined for me since all the memories I have of it involve getting my teeth scraped with metal hooks...

    Still, it's a cool idea for a toy.

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    I loved playing with this but my brother got one and then I have no idea what happened to it but I would always play with it.

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    How do you get so lucky find all these cool old toys!!

    I remember i had one that had basket balls, i think. but want not long be for all the water got drained out :P

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    Oh wow! I'd completely forgotten about those! They were petty popular (and surprisingly good fun). I really want to play with one now!

    I can imagine kids in a few years will look at them and think... "So... In the old days, your computer games were water-powered?!"

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