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Thread: Sewing machine for making cloth diapers.

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    Default Sewing machine for making cloth diapers.

    So I am considering swapping to cloth diapers since good disposables can run up a bill. Similarly, cloth diapers in general are way over priced it seems to me.

    So I will take up making them. I figure they will cost less than a few dollars apiece to make( asides from the initial investment of a sewing machine and decent kit for it).

    My questions however are:
    1 What kinda sewing machine do it want?
    Does it need to be a robust machine worth serious coin, or will a decent beginners grade one do the trick.

    2 What kinda seems prevent fraying the best?

    3 In the event that a good cloth is hard to find locally, can large, thick towels be sewn into good clothies?

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    When I was looking into making my own cloth diapers (we have a sewing machine), I found that birdseye and other fabrics that work best for diapers were actually a bit pricey. Since I prefer flat, non-prefold cloth diapers, it worked out that it was less expensive for me to just buy them from than it was for me to buy the fabric and make them myself. Now, if I were into contoured cloth or all-in-ones or anything more exotic than flat squares of absorbent fabric, then the math would certainly work out differently.

    But, before you go out and spend a couple hundred dollars on a sewing machine, poke around the interwebs and see what sorts of fabric are out there and for how much money.

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    You really don't need a sewing machine for diapers if you aren't going to do anything fancy. You can buy diaper cloth from a fabric store that's 36" wide and you just cut it to the length you need to cover your diaper area. Way back when I used to hem my diapers so the cut edges didn't fray but it never really made any difference on how well they worked. The money you'll spend on a good sewing machine will buy you a whole bolt of diaper cloth and that will keep you well diapered for years.

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    You don't need a fancy expensive sewing machine to sew cloth diapers. I use a machine I bought on Craigslist for 20 bucks years ago it works just fine.

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    I got two off craigslist use them for fursuits and diapers the older ones like sears from 70s work best metal gears just test have them do some sewing so you know it works ok:-)

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    Yeah, I have been thinking of getting a second hand old but reliable one from the likes of a flea market, a thift store, or the internet. Can the material really be that expensive though? I always assumed that they were so high because we are catered to by small businesses with a small market. Especially since a lot of the stuff is hand made or either not exactly mass produced.

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    My flat clothies are actually cut from bath sheets - 36" x 64" - which I bought as seconds from a discount textile store for about 5 each. I have cut them into 36" squares and use the extra bits folded up to make boosters. I haven't bothered hemming the cut edges; they have frayed a bit but it doesn't affect the function at all. And 5 each for a clothie plus a booster is a real bargain IMO.

    A word of caution: 36" square is barely big enough for an adult and they only just fit me (with a 32" waist) so for bigger folk, this wouldn't be an option.

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    My wife made the cloth diapers our kids wore from flannel bed sheets and towels, and used a pattern she found online. A quick bit of Googling will turn up a bazillion recipes for cloth baby diapers, any of which should be easily scaled to adult proportions. I'm personally not a big fan of flannel (on me), but it works, and it's very inexpensive.

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    I got an adult diaper pattern off eBay as for a sewing machines make shure they work got mine on Craigslist 50.00 they showed me it works metal gears a lot better then the plastic ones now they do not last. :-)

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