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Thread: Can't wait

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    Smile Can't wait

    I can't wait to see the new harry potter movie They just released a new trailer a day ago, if you haven't seen it, search it on youtube, it looks so intense

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    Hmm, I might check it out, but as most book to movie transfers go, there isn't much a comparison. Really the books are too long for the small time windows that they make them, they could easily make them 4 hours, and I think that'd do the book more justice. But, they choose to cut them short. I'll still probably see it, just not that excited.

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    I wished they didn't push it like a year away...I don't know if I want to watch the trailer and get all hyped up for it yet

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    Quote Originally Posted by drdiapercrinkle View Post
    I can't wait to see the new harry potter movie
    I sure can seeing as how badly the freaking nerfed the last one. They couldn't make it any worse from the book I think if they tried. Anyways I hope they do the 6th book justice though I thought that was the worst book of the whole series. Also the last one was the longest book yet the shortest movie, if that doesn't mean your trying to $^#^ the harry potter movies up I have no idea what is.

    If they did the movies right they could of made movies 3-7 into long epic movies like the lord of the rings. The first two movies were fine as is since they were Farly small books. Anyways due to this maybe Artemis Fowl can finally kick Harry Potters freaking ass, at least for having the better movies. As for the people who don't know about Artemis Fowl well....

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    I (like everyone else here it seems) really hope this movie does the book more justice then the last few.

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    Man I can't wait to watch the bootleg copy of it in my home before it even comes out.

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    As long as it is better than the last one... Order of the Phoenix was just dumb...

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    I read half of the last book and then got just stopped for various reason.. but I definitely will see the movie in theatres when it comes out and I"m really really excited!

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    I missed the Potter bandwagon. I have yet to read any of the books. Admittedly when the beginning 'Harry Potter' book in the series was released I was impassive about reading anyway. I saw the first film but it didn't catch my interest so I hadn't bothered with the sequels.

    I suppose wizards and magic just isn't my scene

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    I never saw one of the movies or read one of the books, same thing with star wars,I guess I'm just not interested in stuff like that.

    If it ever shows on the tube I might watch it, but I wouldn't put money on it.

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