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Thread: craziest place/time wearing diapers.. yours?

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    Default craziest place/time wearing diapers.. yours?

    To date the craziest, boldest place I have worn diapers is to my bf
    "family event."*

    We went to his brothers house.. his brothers wife, 2 kids (sons); one 14 yo the other 4yo. & his sister (28yo) and mom were there..*

    I was wearing pull-ups size 4t-5t with the."cars" movie theme.. I wore under my Jeans and nothing bf typically doesn't like me to wear in public especially at family events..*

    It made for a super exciting night.. Not only cause my bf didn't like it, But nmainly because I had never worn diapers Around anyone that knew me in a private type of event..the only thing I could think of all night was the diaper..

    As far as I know now and from that night no one knew.. I normally wear goodnites but thought those were to*
    loud..*I just bought the pull ups on sale at a local grocery store hopes before we.were supposed to be at the "event." We were actually shopping for food to make and bring when I came.across a box of pull ups that normally cost $25 on sale for $8..

    literally the next day (morning) I wore the pull ups to work.. I figured if no one knew at a intimate family event no one would know at work.. And everything was awesome at work.. No one knew or said a thing. Btw I work at a popular chain restaurant as server (waiter)..*

    I want to wear goodnites next but worry they are to loud... Ultimately that's what I would Love to do without being caught..

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    Go for it with the Goodnights! I have worn to work (at a grocery store), out shopping, to family gatherings, to school and nothing has ever come of it. If you want to so badly, just go for it! Life is short

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    I once wore goodnites boxer shorts without anything over them outside around my apartment complex. I have worn goodnites and cloth backed adult briefs to class a few times. I even once wore loud plastic diapers to the grocery store once.

    The most intense time that I can remember was when I was 7 or 8 and was wearing a diaper as part of a game I was playing with the neighbors, and my mom came over and made me come to dinner. I didn't have time to take it off so I just ate dinner with it on (scary as hell). Then I was so glad that I was allowed to go back to their house after dinner and could take the diaper off without her seeing. She almost didn't let me, and I would not have had a chance to take it off until my bath when she would have seen it for sure.

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    I've worn a Depends brief while working as a host at the Olive Garden. Our uniforms required we wear black pants so I was very easily able to get away with it.

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    While a friend was around at my house, and she knew that I was a DL. We even had a little talk about it: she was interested in finding more about the Psychology (she was into Childcare, and wanted to find out the conditions in which a kid, out of potty-training, likes nappies)

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    i wear and change on campus quite regularly. It's not really crazy, just have to pay attention, and learn how to get lost in crowds. Then of course, learn how to separate from them stealthily to find a handicapped bathroom, haha.

    I have also worn to many family and friend gatherings and have never even come close to being caught (recently, that is...i was less careful and less mindful of circumstances in my surrounding area when i was younger, lol). I have worn to clubs and bars, a few times, but there wasn't a problem at those either. Hmmm......lets see......I've worn on many boats, at larger marinas and generally around water. I also wore while out at sea in the gulf of mexico, fishing a few miles out from shore on charter boats. That might be the weirdest one, because my past is filled with boats and water.

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    [QUOTE=TeddyBearGirl;949122]Go for it with the Goodnights! I have worn to work (at a grocery store), out shopping, to family gatherings, to school and nothing has ever come of it. If you want to so badly, just go for it! Life is short [/QUOTE

    I want to wear the goodnites to work and family events really bad.. My bf always says he can hear the goodnites.. But I don't think he can really here them.. When I wear goodnites around the House i'm usually wearing short shorts and he can see them.. But because of that i'm scared to wear at places were people know me..

    Also at work people get kind of frisky.. Everyone knows i'm Gay but the girls like grabbing my ass.. I'm scared they will while i'm wearing a goodnite and feel the extra padding..

    In fact when I was wearing the pull up at work someone grabbed my ass and I freaked out.. Either way I.drew more attention to myself then anything by the way I freaked out. The pertain that grabbed me didn't know.

    But that freaks me out..its probably in my head though...i really really want to wear the goodnites to work our around family.. I was thinking the next step would be underjams then goodnites.

    Besides adult diapers thegoodnites are my favorite.. Pampers andare up there but the luvs are up there but they tar to easily..

    - - - Updated - - -

    I have worn goodnitesm pull ups and other diapers in public many many times.. from grocery stores, movie thratres amd more..

    Wearing at work or around family has been my biggest fear.. Even though I think i'm making a out of it then I should. Ultimately I would love to wear the goodnites to work..

    wearing the goodnites boxers out is a awesome idea cause no one would really know.. To bad they don't make them anymore..

    Anyone else have experience wearing around family or at work

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    I haven't worn a diaper in what has to be over a year by now, but when I did wear them frequently, I would wear to class virtually every day. I'd never use them in class, but would usually use them on the long-ish drive home.

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    Default craziest place/time wearing diapers.. yours?

    I wore to my ah teachers house one when I was going to feed my market lamb for FFA. (We kept them at her house because the school farm was more suitable for pigs) that was fun especially because I saw her dad while I was there and he talked to me.

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