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Thread: my favorite time to wear diapers.. yours? comments?

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    Default my favorite time to wear diapers.. yours? comments?

    My fantasy is basically real life.. I am gay and I have been with the same guy for 12 years.. We are both 31.. I told him about liking diapers about three years into our relationship. At first he didn't understand but was willing to experiment with me.. Gradualy he pulled away and became annoyed with the whole thing.. Now he is "hot out cold" he either loves it or hates it.. Mainly he hates it.. When I wear there are Lots of restrictions. Like what kind of diapers, when I wear and how I wear..*

    For example he prefers I wear goodnites only.. Even when I like pampers, luvs, pull ups or adult diapers.. For whatever reason he prefers goodnites..he also prefers that I wear under clothes at home. Never in public.. Plus he doesn't like when I wear all the time.. If I had my way I would wear 24/7 and I would wear whatever diaper I felt like wearing that day..*

    When I get in the mood (like I have been for 2 weeks) I'll buy pampers, luvs, or adult diapers and casually wear under clothes while purposely showing that I am wearing... And eventually I'll get bold enough to wear just the diaper in front of him even changing the diaper in front of him.. I can tell at times it annoys him.. But he doesn't say anything.. He keeps talking to me like normal.. After a.few days of 24/7 I can tell when its becoming an issue and I'll stop but for the majority of the time he won't say anything negative.. He will actually joke around calling me "diaper boy."*

    I even walk around with only a pamper or luvs diaper on and nothing else.. No shirt, no Shorts.. Then when he wants to go to the store I'll get dressed in front of him. Still wearing my diaper I'll put Jeans on and nothing else .. And he doesn't say a word. If my diaper is showing he will say pull pants up but that's it..*

    As I mentioned in another post I wore a pair of pull ups to a "family event" (his family; brothers house w/ brothers wife, 2 sons; one is 14 and the other is 5, his sister and mom were also there.. Was support exciting on many levels.. Mainly cause my bf said not to but also because this wad my first time wearing around people that knew me.*

    he knew I wrore at the event but didn't say anything about it..*

    Anyways.. That is what I consider my "diaper wearing fun" when he says "no" but I wear anyways and he doesn't say anything.. Obviously has to do with the humiliation factor.. And I think my bf plays along to a certain point.

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    hi. i love wearing diapers at night time. just the bulge of the diaper from my legs being together is the best feeling for me. i love the look and i feel great in diapers.

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    The bulge is the best part.. Love it.. When I wake.up wearing a diaper thats the first thing I feel is the bulge between my legs . The smell of luvs.and pampers is awesome too.

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    i love the smell of huggies, pampers, and luvs. i love the way they feel when i lay down on my back on my bed without being covered. they just look so f**king cute on me.

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    I wear to bed every night, I prefer thicker tape on diapers to pull ups. I like bambino bellissimo the best so far. But sometimes I go through phases where I like to wear more than just at night, and yes it is exciting

    It looks like you guys have a good relationship and that you can be open about it but know if you hit a limit. That's not always easy to find. And congrats on being together 12 years.

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    Hey, congrats on 12 years! I wear 24/7 now but my favorite is night time and cuddling in my bed with a dry 24/7.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mellow1920 View Post
    hi. i love wearing diapers at night time. just the bulge of the diaper from my legs being together is the best feeling for me. i love the look and i feel great in diapers.
    me too!!

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    night time with footed sleepers very convenient dont have to get out of bed when i need the loo

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    My favorite time to wear a diaper is when I get home from work and need to go pee. I put the diaper on and go pee and leave it on til I get ready to go to the gym and workout.

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