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Thread: A question for the ladies.

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    Question A question for the ladies.

    When you can wear diapers themselves at home, do you wear a shirt with it? A bra? Nothing?

    I personally wear a camisole with mine (a shirt w/ a built-in bra).

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    usually a shirt and bra, but sometimes I wear the camisoles w/ built in bra


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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandi View Post
    I wear my shining suit of armour.
    I hope you don't leak, that could lead to rust.

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    School girl clothes or a skirt...Oh wait, what girls wear, not what you want girls to wear...My bad =D

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    It'd be a little weird walking around with nothing but a diaper on... my dad's not big on nudists lol. Shirt and pants of some sort. And yes, a bra.

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    can I say all of the above. I will admit to being a bit free at times and having nothing else on, though when I am up and about I like at least a Camisole. Though my Diapers shirts and PJ's are good too.

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