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    well I slept padded...woke up as mom was leaving , Wasnt close to leaking so I decided to lay in my warm bed and watched some cartoons, ate some chicken parm , then I hopped online to surf tired of that and it was getting time for a bath. During this I was drinking me some apple juice from my sippy cup.

    I took my bath, dressed then played a game some , watched alil more tv, curled up with my plush and paci i had me an unplanned nap, I dont have any cub clothes so i just wore an old pair of shorts and a tee . After my nap i fixed me some strawberry and cream oatmeal and decided to use my extra big spoon to eat pup had some oatmeal on his muzzle , then used a baby wipe to clean my face, and then thats about it .

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    that must have been relaxing. i wish i could have me one of thoes days. i've been overdue for one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shodai View Post
    Nice XD

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    Whats your point ? I have it posted on LJ already, just thought I'd post it here.

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    There are blogs here on ADISC as well. Anyway, it sounds like you had a fun day. Hope the next one is just as good!

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    Man that sounds like soooo much fun. I could really use a day like that, without my younger brothers crashing through the house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire_lupine06 View Post
    I have it posted on LJ already
    I lol'd.

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    Heh, it took me almost 8 months of working almost non stop, and i was finaly able to have one of those days a week ago. it was SOOOO amazing, but i think i might have gone through too many diapers XD

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    Very very very nice.
    Every once in a while it's nice to have one of those.

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