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    Hey guys and gals, I just wanted to get your opinions on what I should do.
    Maybe I should explain a bit first...

    I've been a DL for 10 years or more now, and up until a couple of weeks ago, never ever thought about telling my parents. (its just my mom and her mom, dad nowhere around).

    Anyway, I shaved my legs last week and they didn't oppose. then a couple of days later I bought an epilator, no opposition there. (I only bring this up because it is unusual for guys to remove their leg hair).
    They are also fine with me walking round the house in noting but my underwear.
    So I think I'm ready for them to know, but my point is, how to tell them.

    This is probably not the right way, but I have empty drawer in my chest of drawers, I would put my diapers in there and let them find them when they put clean clothes away.
    Or should I just say it out straight, research in hand, u know, printed pages from Understanding Infantilism.

    Thank You for taking time to read, your opinion is very much appreciated.

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    I think it's a big jump between leg shaving, and ABDL. Although if you need to tell them for some reason, just put them in the drawer. And just play it down, don't make a big deal out of it. Just treat it like "Meh." and hope they do the same. Although it is very possible they'll become concerned, regardless of the explaining pages. If you wanna take that risk, the drawer thing does seem like a good idea.

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    While they may be fine with the underwear thing I can guarantee that even if they do accept the fact that you like diapers they will not let you wear around the house without wearing trousers or something over the diapers. Remember that diapers are always going to be associated with three things; babies, pee and poop and because of that we don't hear many (if any) accounts of parents allowing their child to wear as openly as that.

    I normally disagree with telling parents and this is no exception, ask yourself about why you want to tell them. Do you want them to buy you/help you buy diapers? Because that is unlikely. Do you want to avoid the risk of being caught and come out to prevent such a scenario? While not a bad idea you have to remember that regardless of how open-minded your parents are about things such as gay marriage, this is no guarantee when it comes to fetishes especially one as odd as liking diapers. The idea that someone, who has no need for diapers, not only wants to be back but actually gets a sexual thrill out of the idea is weird and as such it can be difficult for people to understand it. Unfortunately people do not generally react well to things they do not understand and can lead to things such as yelling, therapy and most importantly a loss of trust and privacy. While mums are usually the more accepting one I'd still advise against doing it, it's better for her to not know in the long run.

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    First of all, I would never ever be around my parents in just a diaper. I would at least put on some sort of trousers and a shirt.
    Secondly, I don't want them to buy me diapers, nor do I need them too. I already buy all my own clothes. I just don't want to hide it anymore and I think they'd be cool with it.

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    I'm genuinely curious, why is it so important that your family know? If there is no real need for them to be aware, you may be opening up yourself to larger issues (and more frustration).

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