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Thread: Looking for a certain style sleeper

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    Default Looking for a certain style sleeper

    I'm looking for a thin light cotton, infant print footed sleeper similar to what new borns wear. Does anyone know if anyone or website make such a deal?

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    Thank you very much for your help pipsqueak! I had actually seen this already and I saw one on EBay, but they wanted $60 for something that looked like it might fall apart after the first wash. Anyway, I did some extended searching last night and came up with nothing. So it was back on to Amazon and I actually picked one of those up in the picture, except I got the all pastel green version with an infantile picture over each breast. I'll be sure to ether take a picture of me in it and post what my view is of it, when I receive it in the mail.

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    Default Looking for a certain style sleeper

    Check with Marcie at "ForeverAKid.Com".

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigC300 View Post
    Check with Marcie at "ForeverAKid.Com".
    Careful with that website is a attack page see
    Click image for larger version. 

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    For some reason it seems like the seller and items have disappeared I hope that your order went through because when I click on it all the items are unavialable...and there was a lot to choose from.

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    Thank you for the follow-up pipsqueak,

    I actually ordered the green one with "baby" on one side and some "c" word on the other, in large and got it in the mail pretty quick. Unfortunately I caught a bug that has been going around and I haven't had the energy to put on a diaper, much less try out the sleeper I will take some pictures of me in it a.s.a.p; as far as them not being around any more, I'll check it out for you when I get home. Sucks if they are not because it is exactly what I wanted in a newborn style sleeper and it comes with a matching hat too!

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    That's adorable ;_____; I want it!

    And Ebony, where did you end up finding one?

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    It was on I'd already saw it before Pipsqueak posted it, but I asked around to see if there were others that I might have missed, before I brought one. When I first opened it up, it was so tall that the feet pooled on the floor. I began to get upset because they tell you to order by height, but low and behold, I tried it on without a diaper and sure enough, it fit great! There are at least 7-8 versions of it, but being 5'10", I had a heck of a time even getting the one I did have because honestly, I've always been a big fan of blue. This is the one I purchased, but just like pipsqueak said, I guess the guy pulled them. G9 Unisex Adult Baby Cicix Baby Onesie-bodysuit,Footed Pajamas,A40 (Large - 5.9-6.3"): Clothing Such a shame too, if only he could have gotten better advertisement for them. Those who are newborn/infant adult babies like me would love em.

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    Just my luck. I had been eyeing these for a while and just as I get ready to buy em they get pulled...Sigh.

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