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    Anyone here have their ham licenses? I plan on getting mine by the end of the year.

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    ... Sorry, what?... You need a license for ham?...

    ... ShadowHare´s thoughts:

    -fade in-
    „Good morning, sir! How can I help you?“
    „Good morning to you, butcher-man! Would you be so kind as to sell me some of your tasty ham?“
    „Of course, young fellow! There you go... oh, excuse me, but, do you have a license for this kind of exclusive food, my dear friend?“
    „Oh, unfortunately not.“
    „Ho-ho-ho, well then... GET LOST, HOBO!“
    -fade out-

    ... Sorry, I don´t get it. ^^

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    I think it's something to do with amateur radio broadcasting, is it not?

    And in answer to your question: no, I don't!


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    I used to hear a lot about that years ago. Didn't realize there was much of that now with all the other ways to communicate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talula View Post
    I think it's something to do with amateur radio broadcasting... [/url]
    Makes sense I guess.
    Thanks, Talula for clearing up the confusion ^^
    ... Ham license... how silly...

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    Back when I was in Boy Scouts a few of the scouts were big amateur radio hobbyist and had taken the time to get their licences.
    Personally, I never could figure out the appeal of it, and I'm kinda amazed that there are still people who do it.

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    Hi, I'm Celebi.

    I have a License, 2E0VDC. I live in the UK and have made a fair few contacts since I got my First License, I am now studying to do my Full License near the end of this year. I've been using mainly VHF and UHF since I started and now have LF, MF and HF operations. I am now looking into using Microwave Frequencies and running Experiments on even more Bands.

    We are not allowed to do Broadcasting so to speak, we can communicate/transmit Messages, Data, Images, Video and other information from one station to another, or a small group of People once we have made contact with the other station. The exception to Broadcasting is when we are calling out for a another station to reply. There are a few other Exceptions like running Tests and other Experiments, but to be able to Broadcast to a wide audience, like with Music, NEWS etc... we'd need another License on top.

    There is a lot do do with Amateur Radio that include Fun, Practical and Emergency Uses.

    73s (Best Wishes) to you all.

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    I've been a ham, N7** (sorry--not gonna give out my full callsign here!), since my early teens. My particular interests are contesting, and QRP CW (low-power with Morse code). These days, there are no Morse proficiency tests required to get licensed, but I would still urge people to give it a shot. It's a fun skill to perfect, and the old-timers love to help the newbies, even though they have to "speak" very slowly to start with.

    Quote Originally Posted by PPpants View Post
    Didn't realize there was much of that now with all the other ways to communicate.
    There are lots of other (arguable more) effective ways to simply get a message across these days, but ham radio is about human interaction, as well as mastery of special equipment and sometimes other things. There's a broad spectrum of niches in the hobby. In college, I and a few members of the ham radio club sat on the roof of the student union building with a makeshift antenna and got a hold of the Russian Mir space station (which had a ham aboard). And they mailed us a card later. One of my favorite ham memories.
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