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Thread: Sorry, everyone.

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    Post Sorry, everyone.

    I'm sorry for complaining on the thread School: Mission Failed.
    Everything seems to be doing well, and I'd appreciate if we'd all just forget it.
    I also would like to mention some things right now for in the future.
    I currently am in residence with Grandparents, from alcoholic mom and anger-filled dad. I have multiple disorders (bipolar, panic attacks, depression, etc...) and don't mean to complain if I do.
    Once more, I'm sorry. Won't act like that anymore, and will now start anew :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pojo View Post
    So...Do you want that thread closed to posting then?
    If that's possible, then sure.

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    Yea, kinda not catching your drift here? Why are you sorry about creating the other thread, cuase I read most of it, and i didnt seem that bad.... I'm just not sure what you sorry for. And just for future referance, if you want the other thread closed, just tell and Admin.

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    Yes, I didn't see anything wrong with your other thread either. Seemed like a normal experience a member had with opening up about infantilism to a close friend. Sometimes things turn out great, sometimes iffy, sometimes not so good. In your case, you weren't sure at first how it truly went and had some concerns.

    It's good you want your threads to come across as not being of a complaining nature, but I really didn't read anything you said that struck me as being such. Some advice you agreed with and some you disagreed with, which is perfectly normal in a forum discussion where you can get opposing views as to what to do, or what you should have done.


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    Not really sure why you feel the need to apologise - from what I see nobody's against you on this.

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