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    I have a 27" waist and am looking for diapers that fit me and won't leak in bed. I prefer something babyish like the cushies or bambinos, scented is nice too, but I understand these are luxuries that can be added through other methods.

    If I got the medium sized Cushies I am not sure how well they would fit, and looking around its hard to find any AB carriers with small size diapers. Mostly diapers for incontinence.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Baby diapers are out.
    Goodnites are out, even if they will fit you well, they won't hold enough, especially in bed.

    I don't know where you are from, but I'd recommand Tena Super in small size if you are in USA/Canada.
    In Europe, you'd have access to great diapers like Tena Slim Maxi, Molicare...

    As for being babyish, some diapers have simple desings that I find nice. Not really babyish, but still nicer than plain white, ugly generic diapers sold in America's supermarkets.
    Molicare Premium make diapers that look and feel like Pampers. White with blue stripes. Same kind of cut. It's a day diaper not ment for long wear or night time, but very confortable and very nice IMO.

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    I have the same waist size as you. I used to abena s4's but with them being discoutentiued i have moved on to molicare and others. Sadly there are no bayish diapers for our size, except the new smalls by abu. The only issue with them is i do not think they will hold much at all. Goodnites I would more go by your weight because I am 122 lb and they fit me great. They go up too 125lb, but it also may depend on your hips size. The thing with them is like bob111 said they do not hold much. If you have the money i would recommend the tena small maxi's form bambino. They feel really good and hold a lot. I normally wear them to bed. If you want some babyish designs you can make your own or go to Pamperchu's Diaper Tapes and print some out to put on your diaper. Here is one i made customly a while ago.Attachment 14160

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