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Thread: I love my Baby.

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    Cool I love my Baby.

    Hey everyone. Hope all is well !
    Im brand new to all of this. The ab world is a new, exciting and beautifully fulfilling chapter in my life. If you would have asked me as recently as a few months ago how I felt about this topic, I believe I would have said something along the lines of " to each their own-Everyone loves what they will". I honestly found the whole thing a bit odd....
    Oddly enough Im now the odd one ;-)
    Ive recently met someone whom through unfortunate circumstance, similar situations, and a shared lunchroom now holds a place in my heart and fills me with an overwhelming need and desire to care,nurture and protect. He is second only to my biological child.
    In his heart he is three, and hes an incredibly sweet, slightly shy,caring,gentle little boy.Out In the world he is a big strapping mid twenties man with a very physical job, quite outgoing, a little rough around the edges with a sense of humour thatll leave your ribs hurting.
    I would like to tell our whole story from start until now. And i will, but I feel Ill need a whole forum of my own to tell it how I should! So keep your eyes peeled!

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    awe that is so sweet. I hope you continue to enjoy yourself. What aspect really drew you in? Was it the person or the life style?

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