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Thread: My first time wearing into public!

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    Default My first time wearing into public!

    I had to get gas and also wanted a drink, and I was in a huge wet soggy diaper. I decided I'd change into a fresh diaper and go out. It was so fun! I had maybe a 1/3 full bladder at the register, so I peed. It was so cool! I peed in front of everyone, and nobody noticed! Once I got in my truck I tried crapping my pants but nothing came out D=. Anyway, just another little story.

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    I have only worn in public a few times and it is quite a rush the first time, anyways congrats

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    It quickly just becomes normal once you are used to it, wearing and wetting in public. Nobody will notice in terms of general public if you're discreet. Still don't wear around people I know though, as I think they would probably work it out before long, not worth taking the chance.

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    Congrats! I do this all the time. I'm around people most of the time when I'm out. Sometimes I pee and other times I don't.
    I don't recomend messing though. It could get embrassing if you mess and you could have a big problem.

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    Just remember. Even with babies and toddlers you will notice that they don't get changed every time they wet, especially if they're out and about. But one poopie... and bam. They stink and the potential for leakage into clothes, car seats, strollers, etc. gets higher the more the kid squirms and moves around. I ONLY poop in my diapie if I'm at home. But I to wet just about anywhere.

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    what kind of diapers you had?
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    Yeah, pure bliss.

    PPpants is absolutely right, though, pooping in the presence of people is, frankly, inconsiderate. (Note that OP did not try to do that.) I like to let loose as I'm on my way home, sometimes on my way across the parking lot, sometimes walking the dogs (in a pretty isolated neighborhood). But even being careful, I've run into some awkward situations.

    Still, for me the public part is a completely different dimension of bliss.

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