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    ok so i got some abri flex pull ups the other day and tried on out so i thought i would give you my review on them.
    i only got the m1 as i planed on using them at work.
    to start of i want to let you know i am not a diaper fan but love pull ups.
    until now i have only had access to tena and depends which i thought were good untill i tried these. you can compare them for taking a good pee or several. according to what they say they can hold which is 1600ml which is 300ml more than the tena and depends i can get in a store.
    the abri flex does not sag like the others.
    ans truly hold what they say they can and i think a bit more.
    they fell so much more comfy.
    more expensive but worth it.
    i think im going to buy some of the m3 abri flex which can hold 2200ml.

    i know there are gonna be some people here who say they dont like pull ups. thats cool but this review is more for people who like them over diapers.

    any comments are welcome.

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    I've been interested in trying these out. The only pull ups I've tried so far is depends and goodnites and I didn't really enjoy either. Thanks for the small review.

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