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Thread: Skinhead Plot to Assassinate Obama, Shoot and Decapitate African-American Children

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    Default Skinhead Plot to Assassinate Obama, Shoot and Decapitate African-American Children

    Here's the link.

    ATF: Plot to kill Obama is foiled - Decision '08 -

    Even if you support McCain, you still should probably think this is terrible.

    Any opinions?

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    I'm not surprised someone was plotting it...Good thing it didn't happen though

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    I sort of expected it. See it this way.
    1)He's black,
    2)He's liberal/libertarian, and
    3)He's running for president.

    Never mind the Nazis, I don't think some hard line Republicans would approve.

    Again, glad the guy didn't get shot.

    P.S I do not mean to offend the republican party, I my statement was made against certain members within the party that might secretly (or partially open) have racially discriminating tendencies.

    To clear up, I don't support McCain or Obama, but then again, it's not like I have a choice, being in the EU

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    Quote Originally Posted by Incomplete Dude View Post
    This is the first, not the last.
    I think you are so right about that.

    Digital, the way I read media presentations of his policies, he's not really libertarian, but more leaning towards the socialist end of the spectrum.One interviewer asked if he was Marxist ! IDK

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    2)He's liberal/libertarian
    Nonononono, as confusing as it sounds, there's a big difference between 'liberal' and 'libertarian'. Obama is absolutely not a libertarian.

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    wow... i kinda expected it, because of the fact that he is African American running for president, but they also talked about shooting up a school, and beheading others. its disgusting

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    Oh by the way, it was "shoot and decapitate". They wanted to kill 88 people, including 14 by decapitation.

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    They would of never got to Obama, they wanted to kill 88 "black" people and behead 14 "non-whites" and to go out with a bang they wanted to kill Obama. It would of ended at whatever school they were going to but seeing as they got caught before that even happened we can assume they are a little bit dumber then Forest Gump on the IQ scale.

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    The USA is an open society with rights of free speech guaranteed by the Constitution. But these people who were planning commit this terrible thing are crazy nuts and no better than those who killed the students in Littleton, CO and other places too. They should go to jail for a long time. If you don't like the political candidate just vote against him.

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