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    Hey everyone,

    I'm new to the site, but certainly not to being an AB/DL. I recently graduated from college, and today marks one month at my new job at a call center. I'm a pretty easy going guy about most things, except maybe for politics and some of my hobbies, but more on that later.

    As for my interest in diapers: I first sort of came to the realization that I had this interest when I was hitting puberty. I've never had much interaction with other AB/DLs online, but I've visited sites and forums just to read what others had to say for years now. During college I had many opportunities to experiment with using diapers and other AB paraphernalia. This has always been (and will always be) a very private part of myself, though a few of my closest friends know (by my choice) and so do my parents (not by choice and only kind of, it has never been brought up for almost 7 or 8 years now, and I don't even know if they remember). I'm also something of a baby/diaperfur, hence the SN I chose, and I've even had some babyfur art commissioned in the past.

    My other hobbies are pretty varied, but my biggest passions are politics and film. I always follow what's going on in politics, and while I was an ardent socialist throughout high school and early college, my believes have drifted towards the center over the years as I came to see hardcore idealism as driving the US farther apart. I still have really stalwart liberal believes on civil rights and liberties (LGBT rights, free speech, etc), but on many other subjects I've become much more willing to listen to the ideas of others and have adopted parts of them over time. I planning on running for city council in my hometown in the next few years, and my dream has always been to serve in an elected capacity. My other big interest is film and I especially love good independent and foreign films. While many indie and foreign films are no more special than Hollywood blockbusters, I find that the ones that I think hit their mark often take on more challenging subject matter than mainstream films will being willing to take on, or simply give an enlightening view of other cultures and makes problems that might be rare or unheard of in the US seem much more real. Foreign comedies can often be really interesting in this way, because while problems of life, death and family can be universal, humor is not. Sometimes I find that the way in which other countries do comedy is very different from American comedic films, but it really clicks with me and I find the unexpected laughs of foreign comedies to be some of the most gratifying. I also really enjoy 1930s and 1940s Hollywood films (Casablanca, Citizen Kane, etc), as well as the whole of the American cinema of the 1960s and 70s. I find the bad films of that era more entertaining than modern bad movies, and the exploitation films that had their golden age during those years may be my favorite, if slightly specific, genre of film.

    Other hobbies of mine include chess, which I took up playing pretty seriously about a year ago and which I've improved a great deal at over that time, and doing alumni volunteer work for a local chapter of my college fraternity. In general, I like to keep busy with numerous things because I get bored easily, but when I find a hobby I enjoy or a passion I can really invest myself in, I always keep coming back.

    That's about it for me, I guess. Looking forward to actually engaging in adisc forums for once instead of just perusing them casually.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joeypup View Post
    Hey everyone,


    That's about it for me, I guess. Looking forward to actually engaging in adisc forums for once instead of just perusing them casually.
    Hiya Joeypup! Welcome to ADISC!

    Introduction... first chapter of your autobiography... whatever... same thing. Hehe. WOW! That is an awesome introduction! I almost wish everyone's could look like this, but I know that some aren't as willing to share as much, and that's ok, too.

    I really hope you post some more around the forums too. Try not to let the political debates in the mature section irritate you too badly. It seems like you could do a lot of good in there, getting those on the far right or the far left to see some middle ground. I am a bit conservative myself, but am also for equal rights for all, so I have a few liberal viewpoints on social issues myself. I enjoy talking about politics but hate it when discussion and civil debate degrades into an all out argument. And unfortunately that always seems to happen no matter where the discussion begins.

    But anyway, let me be the first to welcome you and wish you the best. I really hope you enjoy this site and this community. I can already tell you are going to make a great contribution to the community, and hope that we are able to give a little bit back in the process. "Share the wealth" so to speak.


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