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    Hi There!

    I'm very pleased to be here I'm an AB but have interests all way round really. I'm wearing nappies about 90% of the time now and really enjoying it. I'm lucky to have an awesome mommy who takes care of me. Sometimes I get a bit naughty but don't we all?!

    Obviously due to the term nappy, I am in the UK

    I love reading and writing for pleasure. But I also love getting out there and playing sports such as tennis, football and swimming.

    Looking to make lots of friends with similar AB interests as I don't really know many others. If there's anything you'd like to ask just go ahead!

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    hiya were abouts from UK are u from ?

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    Hi, im new here as well. Are you more AB or DL centered?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abnormal View Post
    Hi, im new here as well. Are you more AB or DL centered?
    Did y00 even read the p0st my friend???????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????????????????????????

    OP: I hope you have a legible time on ADISC. Because that is how it is going so far.

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    wups i was distracted when i read this lol.

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    Hi goofygirl12. Welcome to ADISC. Hope you find it enjoyable here. What kinds of things do you enjoy writing? I do a little bit myself in my spare time to ease my mind. Swimming is my favorite outdoor activity. I try and do it as much as possible.

    Nice to meet you!

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